Introduction New Twins Hero Seven Knights Korean Server

Savior of the God Temple "Branz & Branzell" 

U can check on List Dark Knights Hero

New Twins Hero
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Warning : This is "TRAP HERO" Girl or Boy? Hahaha...

Information How To Get This Hero?

* Require 500 Awkn Crystal
* Dark Knights can be obtain by
- from Siege Normal/Hard Mode Box
- Mileage Gacha Box
- Selector from login calendar day10/20 *next update 
- Random Fusion or Summon (Gacha)
- Dark Knights can not use Pina to limit break

Skill Description

Skill 1 110 CD
Attack 3 targets with 160% Physical damage 2x
Additionally, Penetrates and when target dies, *Chain attacks are triggered.

Skill 2 85 CD
Attack 4 targets with 150% Physical damage 2x
Additionally, reduces magic type chars. buffs by 2 times.
(Don't really understand this attack... Sounds like debuff specific to Magic types)

Normal attack hits 2 times (Not sure if it's like Yeon Hee or not. Since it's 2 heroes they just attack 2 times)
and has a 5 hit void shield
Additionally, When receives damage more than remaining life, goes into berserk mode for 3 turns.

Awaken Skill
Attack 4 targets with 150% physical attack 2x
Additionally, Penetrates and reduces turn based buffs 3 turns.
additionally, Their dedicated equipment
Counter Chance +20%
Total Damage +20%
Berserk mode gets 1+ turn
*Chain attack triggerred
It means that if any enemies dies from the 1st skill even if they have revive, twins will do 1st skill again

*What is Berserk Mode? 
When they receive damage that will kill them. They'll survive one time with 1 hp. After that, they'll be able to dodge and immune to status effect, and immune to Reflect damage.

Credits Translate Skill 이수
Credits Original Posted Miki Tando

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