Sena's Christmas Tree Seven Knights Korean Server

Period: 22/12/16 - 04/01/17 (23:59)
Access via Rachel icon below mail icon on the right
Details: see below

Step 1:
Perform the following tasks:
- Do adventure 3 times
- Do Celestial Tower
- Do Abyss Tower
- Do Arena
- Do Daily Dungeon
Upon completing one task, you will earn 1 sock. You can spam 1 task all over again until you reach the daily limit which is 25 socks. I would recommend spamming celestial tower, especially the gold room 25 times.
Step 2:
For every 5 socks you collect from Step 1, the Gift button under Event 1 section will light up green, tap on it to collect one of these rewards:
- 20k gold
- 10 keys
- 20 rubies
- 3-6* random hero
- 5-6* random equipment
Every time you tap the Gift button, 5 socks will be consumed. Given that you are limited to 25 socks per day, you can only click this button 5 times per day.
Step 3:
For every 5 Gift boxes you open from step 2, all 4 buttons next to the Christmas Tree (or Sena's Tree in this game) will light up. Depends on which button you click on, you will receive a certain reward.
- Top left: 1m gold
- Bottom left: Awaken Emperor Weapon (Selector)
- Top Right: Awaken Sena Equiment (Selector)
- Bottom right: Awaken Emperor Armor (Selector)
Every time you get your reward, your 5 gift boxes will be consumed. Given that you are limited 5 to gift boxes per day, you have to wait until the next day, complete everything again from step 1 to get another reward.
Step 4:
Once you finish collecting all 4 rewards from step 3, you will be able to receive a 6* Special Christmas Pet with the following passive:
- Earn extra 450 gold during adventure.

Credits By Danny Vo Miki Tando Suppakorn D. Kitchamnong Nguyen Hoang Ren Bradley Advincula Ruslan Durahman Philip Geronimo

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