Seven Knights Korean Server Update 16 Desember 2016

Korea server December 16 (Fri) inspection guidance

Check MA schedule: December 16 (Fri) 02:00 ~ 07:30 (5 hours 30 minutes)

What to check:

- Gvg banned Heroes
> Wukong, Evan, Chancellor, Yeonhee, Karma, Kyle
- Sale of new costumes for Christmas
> Yushin, Melcure, Victoria, Ariel, Yui
- End of sale Limited costumes of 60 costumes
- Improvement of Dueling Matching System
- [Combination] Add system combination list (dedicated equipment)
- Other improvements
> Update popular Heroes ranking
> Christmas Lobby background

End Events

1. The first of December ★ Hero acquisition probability and acquisition event
2. The first ★ ★ Pet acquisition probability and acquisition event in December
* The hero / pet acquisition event ends on Thursday, December 15 at 23:59.
3. Ornaments Upgrade Chance! event
4. Upgrade! Lucky postal sales of May
5. Celebrate 1,000 days! Special equipment sale and enhancement cost discount event
6. Memorial to the improvement of the Duel ★ Duel Project Event
* It is possible to receive the compensation before the check, and after the check, the event achievement compensation can not be received.
7. Awareness & Awareness Events
8. Orly's awakening & awakening event

Event compensation payment

1. First December ★ Hero acquisition acquisition event
2. The first ★ Pet acquisition event in December
3. Orly's awakening & awakening event
4. Awareness & Awareness Events
5. Guild revival event [Participation more than 5 times siege] compensation Some unpaid veteran

Detail Update

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