Seven Knights Korean Update 22 Desember 2016

This update includes improvements in various games
Add 12 Territory Hot Time! And ~ Christmas special costume will be added!
In the case of
What kind of heroes' costumes for the sake of the appearance came out this time ♥
And drill the brave man's pleasure through improvement ~ ♥
In the case of
Please check with me together ~






Discontinued costume 60 kinds limited resale _ 3rd time

- Continuous purchase bonus addition

- A bonus will be awarded when purchasing several items consecutively.

- Bonus Payment Product Guide

* Bonus items are subject to change.
* The step rise and bonus of consecutive purchase privilege are required to purchase the same item.
(For example Mae's Lucky Box (General) Big May's Fortune Box (details) Bonus step rise at the time of purchase and bonus are not paid.
* Continuous purchase benefits will be applied from products purchased after checking.
* Continuous purchase privilege has up to 2 stages, and 2 stages of compensation will be provided at repeater time after 2 stages.
※ 90 days after purchase, the bonus step will fall.
※ Continuous purchase benefits are provided by e-mail and are kept for 7 days. (Recovery at the expiration of the period is impossible)

Add continuous attendance fee

- You can earn buffs for compensation during continuous attendance.
- There are up to 10 consecutive attendance steps, how to rice? The steps are lower.
- If you maintain continuous attendance for more than 10 days, the continuous attendance buff will be maintained on the 10th day.

- Continuous attendance buff guide (correction)

Improvement of guild dungeon

- N indication is written only when the guild dungeon is constructed.
- If participation in guild dungeon is possible, green N indication is written.
- Receive guild dungeon rewards, if possible, red N notation will be displayed.
- Combat end screen will be changed.
- The appearance of the enemies' physical strength notation is simplified. (For example, 10,000 → 10,000)

Improvement of automatic adventure

- Automatic adventure + 3 times mode After progressing All wear stop options are added.
* Automatically switches to automatic adventure + basic mode at check cancellation.
- Automatic Adventure + Both Key After Progression of 3x Mode The deactivate stop option is added.
* Automatically switches to automatic adventure + basic mode at check cancellation.

Automatic duel improvement

- It is possible to set it at automatic duel check.
- After setting the number of processing, touch [OK] button to save.

- If it is set to be more than the sign of the possession of the battle it possesses, the consumption amount of ruby expected is written.

- Ruby all use button after check Duel progress in progress Duel ruby until the goal is reached until the duel progresses.

Other Improvements

- 12 territories hot time is added, the probability of pet appearance increases. (Progress from 20: 00-22: 00 every day)
- Mailbox reward icon image will be added.
In the case of

Guild War Banned Heroes (All Evaluations Including Awakening)

- Melkure, Dellons, Chris, Ryan, Kiriel, Theo
In the case of

I want to spend a warm weekend with the Seven Nights also at the upcoming Christmas ~ ♥

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  1. hey admin, can you update translate merry xmas event?

  2. Hey admin, how long would it take for the update regarding the Merry Xmas Event?

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    1. your welcome bro...

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