Skill Description 6 Star Pet Seven Knights

Credits Thx To.. Danni Vo

Skill Description 6 Star Pet Seven Knights

Cute Pet Seven Knights


 Skill Description Creed

30% debuff success rate
Skill cooldown 5% decrease


 Skill Description Dello

Increase allies Physical & Magical attack by 20 %
Increase allies Critical Chance by 20%
Increase allies Block Chance by 20%


Skill Description Guilin

Increase damage by 50% of skills that target 1-3 enemies
Counter attack chance 30%

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Skill Descripion Jeb

Increase damage by 40% for skills that target 3-5 enemies.
Decrease block chance by 30%


Skill Description Pike

30% debuff resistance
Reduce opponents defend 10%


Skill Description Richel

Crit dmg 30%
Weakness damage 30%
Additionally increase damage by 20% of skills that target 1 enemy


Skill Description Ruu

Increase def 15%
Decrease block dmg by 15%
Reduce total dmg by 15%

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