Introduction New Hero Hayeong Seven Knights Korean

Hayeong (Leader of Peace Hayeong support type hero)

new group "Alliance"

1 of 5 elite members from 5 guilds, from yesterday Alicia's note.

  • Passive : Team immune to silent and blind, herself take less 40% physic damage
  • Skill1 : 5 targets healing 70% of her magic atk, increase herself 40% m.atk, addition buff vitality effect 4 times to all allies (100s)
  • Skill2 : Buff team m.atk 40% 2turns, addition increase slightly team awaken gauge (100s)
  • AwakenSkill (Passive) : When her awaken gauge fullfill increase team total damage 50%
  • Vitality effect : new buff, hero with vitality effect buff got life steal/leech enemy HP from their skill.


Hayeong's dedicated item

- Increase block chance 20%
- Increase healing effect 20%
- AwakenSkill add increase team critical damage 30%

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