New Awaken Hero Seven Knights Global/Asia

Queen Elysia

- Revolution Leader (Passive) :
Protects all allies from debuffs for 2 turns.
Becomes immune to all Damage for 4 turns.
Also, if the damage received is higher than the current HP, survives with 1 HP.

- Heavenly Spark (CD: 95 secs) :
Inflicts 60% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times.
Decrease the enemy’s Recovery Rate by 60% for 2 turns.

- Starfall (CD: 110 secs) :
Inflicts 3000 fixed damage on 4 enemies.
Additionally, decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 2 turns.
Increases the enemy’s skill cooldown by 20 seconds.

- Summons from Terra (Awakened Skill) :
All allies become immune to damage 2 times.
(This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.)
Additionally, becomes immune to debuffs for 2 times.

Surprisingly the also release Awaken Hellenia too, but the skill seems different from KR version

Flaming Nova Hellenia

- Valkyrie’s Potential (Passive) 
All allies become immune to 3-target AOE attacks for 6 turns.
Becomes immune to all debuffs that cause reductions.
Decreases all enemies’ Block Rate by 50% for 6 turns.

- Celestial Light (CD: 80 secs) 
Inflicts 90% Physical Damage on all enemies.
Additionally, recovers HP by 150% of the dealt damage.
Decrease the enemy’s Attack by 40% for 2 turns.

- Celestial Shield (CD: 100 secs) 
Block all enemy attacks for 3 turns.
Taunt all enemies.
Increases Defense by 50%.

- Blessings of Salvation (Awakened Skill) 
Decreases all Physical Damage received for all allies by 60% for 6 turns.
Increases the Block Rate of all allies by 50% for 6 turns.
RIP key, RIP topaz, RIP ruby

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