3rd Anniversary KR 7K Update Preview 3 - Real Time Duel

The 3rd anniversary news that I introduced from last time has already reached the third time.
Today transmitted drill news briefly mentioned earlier in the "Ryjaum where CM Rudy knows" corner

It is related to "real time fighting place".
The "real-time battlefield" where many brave people were given expectation and interest, whether or not they are being developed,
I would like to introduce you to the brave.
(All contents of the developer note may change based on the direction of development and opinion of the hero,
All screenshots were taken on the test server and may differ from the actual)

First, the "real time battlefield"

It is a PVP system capable of mutual 1: 1 real time network battle with Hero.
We began using existing battle and evaluation with other systems,
Since you can proceed with manual combat that allows you to select and use direct skills in battle,
We made it possible to give existing content to other weird strategies and fun.

There are three stages of progress of 'Real-time Drafts'.

  [1. preset step]
  [2. Hero Selection / Prohibition Phase]
  [3. Battle Stage]

First, [1.Prefiguration Step].

In the pre-set stage, you can select [2. Hero Select /
It is a step to preset hero and pet to choose.
You can also set up each of the following heroes for each role:

  1. <10 battle="" heroes="">

[2. Hero Selection / Forbidden Stage] is a hero of choice,
It is not visible to opponent.

[Battle Stage] is a hero used in,

When there is an empty Heroic position in your battlefield, you can summon it. (Similar to summoning a friend hero)

[2. Hero Selection / Prohibition] is a hero to choose from,
The hero you choose is revealed to the opponent.

And, besides heroes and pets, can be set.
Support skill is the skill that can be used in [3. Battle Stage]
It can be used instead of the hero's skill to give various effects to friendly and enemy units.

Second, it is [2 hero selection / prohibition step].
In the selection / prohibition step, you can select the hero who will actually advance the battle in [3 battle step].
In the selection / prohibition step, you and your opponent alternately choose heroes,
Each person bans one of the heroes chosen.
Also, you can not select the hero that was previously selected by the other party.

Finally, it is [3 battle step].
2. Hero and pet selected in 2. Hero selection / prohibition step]
And, I have support hero and support skill set in 1 preset stage
Eventually you will fight against the opponent's warrior.

And, among the battle rules of the real time duel, the following are the differences from the regular duel.

  ▶ Supports manual skill combat, where you can use your own skills in real time.
  ▶ Using and
       You can summon a hero in the middle of the game, or use special skills.
  ▶ Calibration is applied according to different standards than the existing duel.
  ▶ The order of using the skill according to the speed is decided according to the other standard.
  ▶ It is only in 2x speed mode, and it is not possible to pause and end during game.

I would like to disclose more detailed information and screen shots,
Since development and balance test of the real time battlefield is still done,
I'm pleased if you wait for a while.
Like a man who sent much expectation and encouragement, he deserves the third anniversary to the brave man
We will prepare to be able to provide interesting content enthusiastically.

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