Seven Knights Global/Asia Update 16 March 2017

Previously on our 72nd update, the cute and adorable pets have come to live with us in the World of Seven Knights. Have you met your favorite pet yet? Well, you will find the one soon.
On this update, the second member of Luminous Revolutionaries, Kyrielle and her Awakening form have been updated. Moreover, we have prepared many events with great rewards!
Please check below for more information about our latest updates.
*All the screenshots in the post were taken on the Test Server and may appear different on the Live Server.

1. Brand New Hero Update, [Kyrielle]

The second member of Revolutionaries, Kyrielle has been updated!
She is the first Captain of Revolutionaries followed by Elysia and her archery skills are tremendous. Meet powerful and fascinating hero, Kyrielle now!

To Celebrate Kyrielle’s update, we have prepared a special event!

Hero Information

Awakening Info.
Recommend Item
Selling Price
4★: 300,000 Gold 5★: 600,000 Gold 6★: 1,000,000 Gold
Locked upon acquired.
Fina cannot be used to transcend.

2. Accessory Ticket

Accessory Ticket has been updated to Summon Shop. You can acquire 4-6★ Accessories. However, ‘Guardian’s Ring’ will NOT be included in the 4-6 Star Accessory Ticket. Please check out on the Update Celebration Event!

Sale Period:
After 3/16 Update ~ Until next update

4-6★ Accessory Ticket:  40 Rubies

3. [Special Hero Summon] Chess-board Update
Martial Artist [Klahan] is now available to summon from the [Special Hero Summon] Chess-board.

You can play the Chess-board game by clicking on [CONTENTS] from lobby -> click on [SPECIAL HERO SUMMON].

You may now choose [Klahan] in the Special Heroes list.
*If you have not obtained the previously selected [Special Hero] from the Chess-board, you are able to re-select the [Special Hero] for [Klahan] in an active game.

You are able to receive the rewards below in accordance with the certain number of summons.
Summon Bonus:
Summon Count
Bonus Rewards
20 Summons
3★ Element Ticket
40 Summons
4★ Jin
60 Summons
4★ Element Selector
80 Summons
Klahan Armor Selector
90 Summons
Klahan Weapon Selector

4. Episode 7 Update

- Episode 7 (Cut scene) has been added.
- You can check the new episode by clicking on In-game [Settings] -> click on [INFO] -> click on [STORY].

5. New Costumes

New 3 costumes are now on limited time sale. You cannot purchase costumes after sale period ends. Do not miss out on this special opportunity to dress up your heroes!

Limited Sale Period:
After 3/16 Update ~ Until 3/30 Update

Costume Info.
Pink Plum Blossom : Kyrielle (Normal)
250 Rubies / 10 Topazes
HP +100, P.Atk/M.Atk +20, DEF +10

Silver Flash:
Kyle (Normal)
250 Rubies / 10 Topazes
HP +100, P.Atk/M.Atk +20, DEF +10

Music Box Fairy : Jupy (Awakened)
200 Rubies / 10 Topazes
HP +200, P.Atk/M.Atk +40, DEF +20

6. Event Package
Event Package items have been updated.
Do not miss out this unique opportunity!
-The purchase count in the Event Package has been reset.

7. Alice’s Gift

Brand new Accumulated Purchase rewards are now available!
Trade in Alice Points for the Accessory Tickets.
Please check more information below

- Points will be given in accordance with the amount purchased and will reset at the end of the event period.
- The rewards are spread in 12 different steps. If you have completed all 12 steps, no more rewards will be available to claim until the next reset.

Event period:
Asia / Global
After 3/16 Update ~ 3/22, 15:00 (UTC)
After 3/16 Update ~ 3/22, 22:00 (Thailand)
After 3/16 Update ~ 3/22, 23:00 (Taiwan)
After 3/16 Update ~ 3/22, 8:00 AM (PDT)
Reward Table:
Accumulation Reward
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket
4~6★ Accessory Ticket x 2
4~6★ Accessory Ticket x 2
5~6★ Accessory Ticket
5~6★ Accessory Ticket
5~6★ Accessory Ticket
5~6★ Accessory Ticket x 2

8. Hero/Pet Acquisition Rate Up
[Special hero Kyle and Kyrielle]’s & [Normal hero Asura and Shao]’s & [Special pet Dello]’s drop rates have been increased.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add your favorite heroes to your team!

 Drop Rate Increase Event Period:
After 3/16 Update ~ Until the next update

 Hero Drop Rate Increase Time (UTC+0)
Asia:      04:00 ~ 06:00                     10:00 ~ 16:00
Global:   7:00 PM ~ 9:00 PM            1:00 AM ~ 7:00 AM
*Please be aware that the event schedule varies by server.

Note for Hero:
※ The drop rate increase will occur two times per day.
※ The drop rate increase will be applied to the 3~6★ Hero Ticket, 3~6★ Hero Ticket 10 draws and Fusion.
※ For Fuse, the drop rate increase will only be applied to Special Heroes.
※ If the draws are not made in [Hero Acquisition Rate Up] period, all the heroes(including Special Heroes) will be applied the equivalent Acquisition Rate.

Note for Pet:
*The drop rate increase will occur two times per day.
*The drop rate increase will be applied to the Pet Ticket x 1, Pet Ticket x 10+1 draws.
* Pet drop rate increase is NOT applied in Fusion.

*If the draws are not made during the [Pet Acquisition Rate Up] period, all the pets(including Special Pet) will be applied the equivalent Acquisition Rate.

9. Raid Buff Heroes

Add the Raid Buff recommended Hero to your Awakened Raid Team to get a Buff(s).
A buff(s) will be in effect based on the Transcendence phase.
Please check out the schedule for the Raid Buff Heroes below.
*Please check out more details in game.

List of the Raid Buff Heroes
Raid Buff Hero
3/17 ~ 3/ 18
6★ Ming Ming
3/19 ~ 3/21
6★ Nia
3/22 ~ 3/24
6★ Lucy

10. Guild War Restricted Heroes
Teo, Yuri (Awakened), Rin, Karma and Nezha are restricted for Guild War until the next update.
*Normal Yuri is also restricted for Guild War.

11. Miscellaneous
▶ May’s Lucky Box – Sale has ended
- The sale period for May’s Lucky Box has ended and May’s Lucky box can be no longer purchased.

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