Seven Knights Korean Complete Detail Update 09 March 2017

From large content such as real time battle, interface change, potential capability, transcendental extension
Sena puzzle improvement, achievement completion, initialization of three types of expedition etc.!
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Finally, until the merger hero Vanessa 's Seven Nights confluence with amazing ability!
Confirm the updated contents of details together Bouillon ~
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* All screenshots are taken with the test server and may differ from actual update contents.
* Please change the team formation of the guild match in advance for inspection time in advance.

■ Added a new hero (Vanessa)

Interface reorganization

- The interface is reorganized.

■ Add real-time battle beta service

- Real time battle can participate up to 5 times a day.
- Real time battle is done every day from 10:00 to 23:30, and it may change depending on circumstances.
- Real time battle can be entered using the "Battle" icon at the bottom right of the main lobby.
- By touching the [prepare] button in the lower right, it is possible to pre-set the real-time battlefield.

 - Prepare button Brings you to the pre-setting screen when touching.

 - Preconfigured Hidden heroes, support heroes, support skills, fighter planes, pets can be set,
You can also use the rotation hero.

※ Hero guide for rotation
Rotation hero is a hero who is provided only weekly for real time battle,
Basic equipment is worn and it is a hero useful for a more strategic team composition.

- Up to 3 support skills can be set and can be used one at a time.

 - After all preconfiguration is complete, you can match using the prepare button.

■ Add the Element
- Potential is only possible from 6 stars to 50 level heroes.

 - You can select and release the slot you want to release latent ability, you will need rainbow elements and gold.

 - Rainbow elements can be earned by consuming five-star elements and gold by type,
You can acquire five-star elements by touching the [element fusion] button.

 - Enhancement when choosing open potential potential is possible, special ability can consume goods and can change.

* Enhancement values are retained when changing special abilities.
※ 6 Potential → ability to evolve is maintained.
- To strengthen potential capability, integers of souls, integers of luxury souls are necessary,
You can earn integer of soul at the time of sale of general heroes, integer of advanced soul at the time of selling special heroes.

※ When a hero acquires goods sales guidance
※ The table above is an estimate of 30 hero sales figures, acquired goods are different based on the hero's level and transcendental value.

※ Special hero can earn high number of soul at the time of sale.

■ Transcendental expansion and improvement
- Hero transcendence is expanded and it is possible to transcend up to 50 levels.
- For general heroes, the transcendental jackpot may occur stochastically, and it exceeds two stages at the time of great success.
* Special hero does not cause transcendental jackpot.
※ After transcending great success, it will rise by 2 levels per random level up.
* Transcendental After successful, at the time of disassembly, the transcendental value decreases by one step.
* All transcendents of the transcendence at the transcendence great success are all paid.

Example) Transcendental Step 1 → 3 Steps 2 stages, 3 stages topazes will be paid in case of great success.

 ■ Sena Puzzle Improvement
- After entering the Sena puzzle you can check the acquisition conditions by selecting the desired hero.

* The ease, usually difficult, "visible in the portrait of a hero is the degree of difficulty to acquire.
* The part that achieves the number of specific adventures per territory is acquired, and completing the puzzle when you achieve the adventure count of the provinced territory.
* All puzzles already in progress are initialized, and compensation is paid at the time of inspection.

■ Added 3 kinds of costume
- Period: March 10 (Fri) After update ~ March 24 (Fri) 04:00
- Description: The 3rd anniversary costume will be sold and free during the event.

[The Maiden's Knights Vanessa]

 [Owl Made Orly] - Free payment

 [Raven Butler Teo]

■ Other changes
- Performance completion popup window has been simplified.
- Even if you do not receive immediate compensation for performance, the next performance count will be accumulated. (Excluding some results)

■ Guild War Banned Heroes (All Evaluations Including Awakening)
-Dellons, Nata, Knox, Kiriel, Yeon Hee, Karma

Large scale updates to be held with the third anniversary of Seven Nights!
In addition, since it is prepared until a large event, please enjoy it and have fun ~ ♥

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