Red Lotus Location and Cooking Pot Recipes Utopia: Origin

[Utopia: Origin] Red Lotus

1. Collect Red Lotus in the river or field, and you can get red lotus seeds with probability
2. The red lotus seeds are planted on "hydroponic land". After 24 hours, the plants can be harvested to produce red lotus. There is a possibility that the red lotus seeds will be dropped.

Location About Red Lotus


Red Lotus x5 = Feed - Red Lotus

Cooking Pot Recipes with Red Lotus

Red Lotus + White Lotus + Blue Lotus = Color Skin Lotus Soup ( Food +40 ; Moisture +40 )
Red Lotus + Kelp + White Lotus = Lotus Kelp Soup ( Food +60 )
Red Lotus + Elf Fish + Geoduck = Luxurious Feast ( Food +180 ; Water +180 )
Feed - Red Lotus + Feed - Onion + Rare Meat = Cyan Chocobo Feed ( Guarenteed 110 Pack )

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