Seven Knight Korean Update 17 April 2020

Seven Knight Korean Update - Elements Dungeon Remake, Equipment Awakening Remake, Added Starlight Ore

I brought you the third news in April

In this update, the days of the week dungeon have been rebalanced The compensation will be revised higher than before And so that new heroes can adapt smartly and easily The smart balance will be adjusted.

Please note that this update will be done at 10 am, After that, would you like to check the details with me ~ ♥

Day of the week dungeon Remake

-Difficulty and rewards for the entire day dungeon have been changed.

Smart balance adjustment

-Balance of smart Lv1, Lv2, Lv4 section is adjusted.

Adjust myth equipment balance

- it adjusts the myth of the myth stats Equipment awaken the hero .

Add Shining Starlight Ore

- adds shine starlight ore content items to the store . ( Mercenary / Arena Shop )

Other fixes and improvements

  • New / fixes the monthly work did not initialized phenomena may change the type of attendance nimdeul return to the old warrior's warrior .
  • It is intermittently corrected this phenomenon does not seem to reward the guild dungeon is not obtained .
  • Modifies the phenomenon is a myth Rudy Awakening crack of dawn when tyrants are some graphic costume to wear .
  • After triggered Lodge skill options only work if the equipment is modified to be killed Rudy aqueous skills disappear determine the effect of the resurrection of other allied heroes phenomenon when using conviction .

Heroes prohibited from Guild Wars ( All levels including Myth Awakening and Awakening )

- 4 Mon 20 days ( Mon ) to 4 Mon 26 days ( days ) 23:59: Chris , Freya , Lynn , teo , Del ronjeu , Rudy.
- 4 Mon 27 days ( Mon ) to 5 Mon 3 days ( days ) 23:59: Skuld , Eileen , Sage , Zahara , Evan , glass
※ Prohibited Guild Heroes only apply to Guilds with a score of 5,000 or higher .


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