Strawberry Location and Cooking Pot Recipes Utopia: Origin

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Strawberry is a basic food item in Utopia: Origin, which can be consumed raw, or used as ingredient for cooking various dishes. Cooked dishes have a better boosting effect, than raw food. (Source: Fandom)

Strawberry Location

strawberry location utopia:origin

Cooking Pot Recipes - Strawberry Complete List

Strawberry feed pack Strawberry×5
Cooking pot
Strawberry jam ( +40 food) Strawberry ×2
Strawberry milk (+30 food, +40 water) Strawberry + milk
Strawberry Pie ( +40 food) Strawberry + Wheat
Jam ( +40 food) Strawberry + blueberry
Strawberry Coconut (+40 food, +25 water) Strawberry + Coconut
Strawberry milk tea (+45 food, +30 water) Strawberry+Pearl+Milk
Strawberry cake ( +65 food, -5 moisture) Strawberry + Milk + Wheat
Golden Fruit Paradise ( +50 food, +40 water) Strawberry + watermelon + grape
Strawberry Nectar (+40 food, +80 water) Strawberry + Roselle + Apple
Fruit moon cakes (+50 food) Strawberry + Wheat + Apple
Brown bear feed (13 packs guaranteed) Strawberry + honey feed package + feeding meat
Unicorn Feed (120 packs guaranteed) Strawberry Feed Pack + King Crab + Elf Fish

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