Update Guardian Tales KR 22 September 2022

 Hello .

'All the fun in the world' Guardian Tales .

The Guardian Tales update will be held on Thursday, September 22  .

We will notify you of updates in advance..

Please refer to the details below for detailed updates.

※ Updates are carried out with maintenance.

※ We will notify you when the update maintenance schedule is confirmed.

※ The update schedule may change depending on the situation.

※ The contents of the advance notice may change during the actual update, and  if there are any changes, we will notify you through a notice.

◆ Update contents

1. Heroes and Equipment

■ New Equipment

- A new hero, Andras the Slayer, has been added and a Korean voice has been added. (CV. Lee Ji-sun)

ㄴ Party effect at 5-star maximum awakening: [Party] Ranged damage +50%

- Head Hunter, the exclusive weapon of Andras the Slayer , has been added.

 ■ Voice addition and voice improvement
- Japanese voices for some heroes are added.

※ It is reflected only when the voice setting is selected in Japanese.
b Parvati
- English voices for some heroes have been added.

※ It is reflected only when the audio setting is set to English.
 b cross

■ Illustration Style
- Changeable illustrations are added.
b Parvati

2. Add Season Achievements

- Season 1 Achievements Season 1 begins.
- You can clear achievement missions and obtain seasonal rewards.
 ㄴ You can obtain a reward whenever the achievement points earned reach a certain value. 
 b Some missions will be opened in the middle of the season.
- Season achievements will be unlocked when you clear World 14 'Demon Shire'.

■ Season achievement missions and rewards

- When you touch the reward button on the upper right, you can check the reward information.

step compensation
One Future Princess' Badge (Normal)
Future Princess' Frame (Normal)
2 [Hero Costume] Little Future Princess
3 [Equipment Costume] Toy Liberator
4 Season Achievement Trophy: Drawings from Season 1
B You can craft farm objects when you obtain them.
5 Future Princess' Badge (Advanced)
Future Princess' Frame (Advanced)

■ Badge

- You can check and set the badges you have acquired by touching the badge button at the top left of the profile card.

■ Frame

- You can check and set the acquired frames in [Portrait Frame List] on the right side of the Hero List.

- The set frame is applied to each content.

3. Team Deathmatch Beta

■ Add new mode

- A new mode 'base mode' is added.

 ㄴ Node Mode will be open during the new Team Death Match Beta season, which will start on Monday, September 26.

- Node mode is a mode in which the team gains points by occupying the base and the team that reaches the target score wins.
- If you are standing in the stronghold area and try to occupy it, and if both teams try to occupy it at the same time, the team with the largest number of people will occupy it.
- You will earn points as many as the number of occupied bases for a certain period of time.
- If no team reaches the target score within 120 seconds, the team with the highest score wins.
  In case of a tie, the side that occupies the most points at the end of the game wins.
- No points are awarded for defeating a hero, and the bounty is not reflected.
- Ability correction and fever time are applied the same as in the basic mode.

■ Improvements

- The detection conditions for insincere play are strengthened.
 b New detection conditions have been added.

- The payment method of the battle medals that can be received according to participation will be changed.

Combat Medals awarded per turn Combat Medals awarded per turn
existing 10 episodes One
change 5 times 2

4.  Camazon Land

- A new season of Camazon Land begins.
ㄴ Greenhouse-themed artifacts and special events will be reprinted.

- 4 new artifacts are added.
artifact effect
Warrior's Mushroom (Excellent) ATK +150.0%
DEF +50.0%
Branch of the Divine Tree (only) [God of Harvest Kamael Only] When
equipped with exclusive equipment, attack target +3, additional damage activation rate +50.0%,
damage over time +150.0% ,
defense +50.0%
Flowers of Precious Memories (Exclusive) [Flower Lady Bari Only]
When equipped with exclusive equipment, quick shot chance +50.0%,
damage over time +150.0% ,
defense +50.0%
Amulet of Vitality (Exclusive) [Divine Beast of Abundance Meiryl Exclusive] When
equipped with exclusive equipment, the effect of the community +70.0%, damage over time
, defense +50.0

- 7 artifacts will be reprinted.

artifact effect
Mandrake (Lesser) Recovers +10.0% of max HP once every 10 seconds
Mandrake of Dawn (Advanced) Defense +20
% Recover 5.0% HP once every 7 seconds
Hell's Flower (Advanced) Once every 7 seconds, deal 4% of max HP to random enemies equal to the number of living party members, and 4% of
max HP once every 7 seconds
Man Eater (Advanced) ATK +80.0% ,
HP -10.0%
, weapon skill charge time -1 second when killing an enemy
Giant Marshmallow (Advanced) HP +25.0%
Damage Reduction 800.0
Twilight Mandrake (Express) Defense +30.0%
Increases shield by 20.0% once every
7 seconds Recovers 20.0% HP once every 7 seconds
Audrey (Express) Skill damage +100%
, attack power +30.0%
when killing an enemy, shield +30.0% when killing an enemy

- 8 artifacts are excluded.

artifact effect
Stalker's Glasses (Advanced) At the start of battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 sec),
at the start of battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 sec),
at the start of battle, one enemy's DEF -30% (Duration: 40 seconds)
Outlaw's Mask (Advanced) When attacking an enemy with reduced defense, 10% of attack power is applied as damage per second (Once per second),
ATK +20%
Heavy Weapons Carrier (Advanced) Attack +80%,
Critical Chance +20%
Prideful Combat Pants (Advanced) Defense +30%,
Damage Reduction +800
Peacemaker (Advanced) Damage to boss monsters +50%,
Immunity, bombardment, damage to giant monsters +50%,
Critical Strike multiplier +50%
Sheriff's Badge (Advanced) Critical Strike Chance +40%,
Artifacts 30% off Agatha's Shop
Rain of Justice (Express) Damage to boss monster +150%,
Immunity, bombardment, damage to giant monster +150%,
Critical Strike multiplier +100%
Executioner's Voice Gagged (Express) -30% of the defense of all enemies at the start of battle (Duration: 40 seconds)

■ Floor Expansion

- You can endlessly challenge the 9th floor or higher on the season's highest difficulty.
 When clearing the boss on the 8th floor, a button to continue the challenge is displayed.

- There are special events and artifacts that can only be met on the 9th floor or higher.
- From the 9th floor, you will no longer receive a bottle cap reward when clearing the floor.

■ Add Ranking Board

- Ranking is calculated in order of ascending the highest floor in the season's highest difficulty.
- Ranking is maintained for the duration of the season.

- An [Artifact] button has been added that allows you to check artifacts, curses, and perks information by rank in the ranking.

5.  Co-op

- The mode of co-op has been changed.

■ Improvements

- Improvements have been made so that exclusive weapons are displayed on the co-op matching screen.

6.   New Collection

- One new collection has been added to Knowledge > Items > Collections.

7. World Difficulty Improvement

- The limit on the number of resurrections in World 11 will be removed.

8. New Guardian Headquarters Improvement

- In relation to the Guardian level special function 'Sweep', the open level limit for each content is changed.
contents Existing limit level change limit level
Clearing the treasure dungeon Lv. 26 Lv. 6
event rift clearing Lv. 31 Lv. 11
Evolution Stone Dungeon Clear Lv. 51 Lv. 16
Awakening Stone Dungeon Clearing Lv. 76 Lv. 46
clear mirror cracks Lv. 176 Lv. 126

9. Training Room Improvement

- The conditions for activating the 'Maximum Transcendence' in the Training Room Hero Slot have been changed.
[Before] Have 3 Unique Transcendental Heroes
[Changed] Have 2 Unique Max Transcendental Heroes

10. Other bug fixes and improvements

- Some typos in the forge have been fixed.
ㄴ [Old] Are you using it as a material item? → [Change] Do you want to use it as a material item?
- Some English lines are corrected throughout World 15 'Lesson'.
ㄴ Some retranslations are in progress in line with typo correction, term unification, and Korean lines.
ㄴ For detailed changes, please refer to the  World 15 English Dialogue Correction Guide . 

- An issue that caused party members to arrive late when using the Altar of Recovery after being caught in the Dark Hallway event on the 1st floor of the World 11 Stage 2 Floating Castle will be fixed.
- An issue that caused NPC motion to be fixed during certain steps in World 12, Stage 6, Stage 51, Area 51 Mother Quest is fixed.
- An issue where markers were displayed in abnormal places while creating a barricade by throwing world 13 stage 1 furniture will be fixed.
- An issue where the presentation became awkward in certain situations during the World 13 Stage 5 Pickpocket Event will be fixed.
- The phenomenon that the siren sound overlaps during death and resurrection in the central control room of World 15 Stage 5 will be fixed.
- An issue where options were exposed twice for certain steps in the 3rd acting game of World 15 Stage 5 Central Control Room will be fixed.
- An issue where certain opponents were exposed when re-entering the stage after the World 15 Contaminated Creature Ranch sub-stage battle is fixed.
- Fixed an error where the drop rendering of the Nightmare World 10 Stage 4 Fat Elf Star Peace event was awkward at low frames.

- Gaiden- Once upon a time, an issue where the medal star piece event on the sacred well stage could be skipped with certain character skills and normal attacks will be fixed.

◆ New Events

1. Event Boost
- A 'boost event' in which you can acquire unlimited double rewards during the event period from specific content is in progress.
 ㄴ In this update, event boosts are applied to world exploration content.
- Event Period: 2022-09-22 At the end of maintenance ~ 2022-10-06 09:59:59
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

2. Pickup Summon! I'll be able to pick it up too ♥ 
-  Pickup summons for new and existing heroes are in progress .
- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.

3. Roadmap EVENT: Flower of Evil
- A roadmap event will be held where you can play content and exchange various rewards with the points you earn.

- For more information about the event, please refer to the [Event] bulletin board.
4.  Guild Raid 'A Certain Magical Vault'

- The Guild Raid 'The Forbidden Vault of Certain Magic' is in  progress.

- Scheduled to be held on October 1 (Sat), detailed information will be provided through a notice on the next  Friday   .

5. Meteor Excavation Operation
-  A new season of Meteor Excavation Operation begins.

- Season Period: 2022-09-24 00:00:00 ~ 2022-09-30 23:59:59

6. Change the costume rotation
- Changed hero costume rotation
- Changed equipment costume rotation

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