[Labyrinth] Small tips on the 80th floor Guardian Tales

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CnWAdD-QI8

There are a lot of duplicates because the other strategies are so good, so here are a few that were helpful for me.

the specs

public curl 86

old balmung


avoid card

a relic

old deciduous tree

1. Catch the slime first

Balmung Mousse 51% Filled

Jump Landing - Roll down the fireball - Throw 2 fireballs parabola - Jump Land - Fire 5 fireballs in a straight line towards the character - 2 fireballs parabola

I need to cancel shooting in a straight line, so save the mousse and cancel it immediately if you see a red straight line after landing.

If you do this well, you will catch the slime in no time.

2. Garam

Throw 4 fireballs 2 times - Scratch after teleporting - 3 fireballs round and round - Go to the center and charge 2 times

It's repetitive, so play while predicting the next pattern.

Pattern #1 - Avoid Eyes

Pattern #2 - Reserve a space to avoid in advance

Pattern #3 - If you walk or run to the right, you will avoid it unconditionally, so it's better to move it to the left of the map

Pattern #4 - If you rush over the map, there will be free space, so it doesn't fit, so guide it upwards (if there is a slime nearby, it will get blocked, so go somewhere else)

When there is less blood, be careful as it charges 3 times while spraying fire.


I didn't get it right the first time because I didn't get it right the first time. Even if I play, the number of hits will be filled by itself. The pattern is repetitive anyway, so just keep your concentration and do it the same way you started, and it will be cleared.

If you guide the slime landing point near the garam, the garam will also be hit like a moose.

I only throw shields when I have free time.

If you succeed in one cycle of the pattern, you can wake up with a mindset that the next cycle is possible.

Good luck everyone!

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