Guide Awakening Equipment Seven Knights Korean Server

ok so some of you have this hero who is your fav and u also happen to have a ton of money but you dont know how to make your fav hero even stronger cuz u cant transcend any more or not at alll xD
well ...thats what the awakening on equipment is for!!
first u have to simple upgrade ur 6* equip to +5 so the lvl up icon shows up
then when u click that icon ull be given 2 options as showed in the pic ...first is as u can c ...keeping the first original equipment AND bonus and improve em to the next level (like in the picture Ace sword became the same SPEED one but higher stats)
the second one is for getting a RANDOM equipment AND bonus ...say u have an Knox HP shield and u want to awaken it ...u will get random armor with HP, block or counter (random bonus)
my advice ...there is a period in the month (i guess 2 weeks yes 2 weeks not) when there is a discount on this and prices get like this
its super worth waiting ...u can get 2 equip awakened almost for the price of 1!

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