Seven Knights Kakao/Korean Server : Store Guide


 - Store in a variety of in-game goods and summon hero , you can buy equipment, such as summoned .
 - Hero / Ruby / keys / gold / siege / topaz / guitar / Boss / are divided into specialty shops .


- Heroes can summon the pet tab, heroes, equipment, jewelry, mileage points will be awarded.
- Advanced heroes are summoned once free waiting time of 72 hours, one free regular heroes are            summoned a waiting time of 24 hours.
- After a single use Free hero summoned by consuming a high of 30 and Ruby can purchase                   advanced hero once, Ruby is 25 consumed at the time of purchase in a row.
  After normal use once a hero summon for free, you can purchase and consume a certain reputation.
- You can obtain a card at Heroes Chapter 11 Advanced Heroes summoned 10 times, 10 chapters 3-6   Castle, one chapter a 4-6 star heroes are summoned.
- You can obtain a card at the General Chapter 11 hero hero summoned 10 times, 10 chapters 1-5         Castle, one chapter will summon three to five-star hero.
※ sold during the period of the event, Seven Knight / Seven Knight and four Emporer / Emporer equipment summons can be added.

Buy Ruby Get Topaz

- Ruby Topaz will be paid an additional purchase .
※ If the event is in progress payments may have additional compensation .

 Gift Ruby and Topaz

- Ruby / topaz gift is a gift that you can only KakaoTalk friends, and [ gifts ] , you can only gift items that are displayed .
※ payment when the event goes further compensation payments will be made ​​to the parties .


-  The key is an adventure game , Reid , boss battles , a dungeon goods that are consumed during the      days progress .
-  Key purchases are paid a bonus for purchases over a certain number of keys , using honor points to    purchase is also available


Castle Rush Shop

 Topaz Shop


- Other Events goods in stores Macy's box and one times the growth potential purchase packages ,          boxes of luck that contains a variety of products , nickname , you can purchase the books guild            name change .

Raid Boss Shop

Boss, you can shop around to buy a Boss points .

Special Shop

 Specialized shops and limiting the number of purchases ,  there are various products available that can help your game .
※ This item can be added later in a special shop .

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  1. sir i want to ask ,why i can access hero tab in shop? after clicking hero tab then got stuck screen , i'm using bluestack 2 ,thanks before

    1. just waiting... cuz i'm to stuck after 1 minute

    2. okay ,problem fix ,thanks for sir :D

  2. Can u translate the event of evan at mid top plz


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