Seven Knights Korean Server : Improvement of boss battles, new equipment! And, the degree of difficulty of the day of the week dungeon "hell"!

First of all, - let's examine the improvement of the boss fight?

Predator of there !! dark red color of the steel has appeared!
The photo above, the game time of boss battle is more than 10 minutes,

It's a figure predator of steel has been changed to the more powerful -
Boss that has been changed in this way, in order to use the more powerful skills, you must be careful!
In addition, immunity to all of the reduction effect at the same time as the grant of,
When you transform, to remove all the reducing effect that used to take to him, it was his cool time also to initialize!

Then, when too much in this state for at least 5 minutes,
Intense effect appears from the eye of the boss, I attack power / magic power of the boss is very high

Since the battle of the boss battle has become overall short,
Because of the high ranking I think that it is necessary to different score strategy from the traditional!

Also, if you look at one by one the developers valuable opinions who have sent read the notes,
And the boredom of the boss battle with a lot of it is still a long playtime,
Improvement of the boss battle shop compensation was please tell me that it is necessary -

Therefore! Reduce the boss game number of times capable of participating in an existing for from two to one,
Boss points that can be obtained depending on the score want twice upward!

For example, if you earned more than 450 points in the existing boss battles,
But it was able to win the boss point of up to 450 points,
In the improved boss battles, in the same way also won more than 450 points,
I be able to win the boss point of up to 900 points!

And the good news for the thus obtained was brave like there was no of course buy the boss point!
Exactly, it is unlikely to sell a special "boss device" that can only be obtained boss battles in store!

But it can be purchased only boss points obtained in the boss fight, the option of special equipment!

What PvE attack magic force, and for us to increase the defense force!

The content effects of the PvE equipment is applied, typically,

[Siege / boss fight / raid / endless tower / abyss of tower / adventure / day dungeon] been able to and the like!

(PvP duel and guild warfare is the content, I do not apply to such friends play ~)

If you are wearing was purchased at the point got hard, the powerful boss equipment!

In a variety of PvE content, you will be able to get a higher ranking and score ~?

Then, New to keep you waiting spraying everyone! Day of the week dungeon new degree of difficulty!

By the way give describe "hell" -

Is everyone of many brave We clear without problems existing degree of difficulty of the "villainous"

Order to quickly get a new fun! - That we have provided a new level of difficulty "Hell"

It can be confirmed in a new tab at the bottom than villainy -

~ Let's take a look at today's battle screen!

Example) Saturday, "Hell" difficulty of

"Ali" is it really more to! ~ Mon another scary? It is pounding!

Oh really! Monster of the degree of difficulty of "hell" is, you want to resistance to all of the abnormal state attack ~

[Example: "Firebird" Rachel, "commander of the indomitable" Ace debuff, etc.]

Nevertheless, we believe that our brave you can defeat all!

New difficulty compensation of "hell" is,

In the case of Monday to Friday that elements of the existing 4-star to come out, 4-5 star of elements appeared in a random,

If on Saturday, more gold, Sunday will be the six-star-awakening device appeared ~

Then, the part of the awakening was possible acquisition in the day of the week Dungeon clear daily limit

~ New the difficulty has been prepared so as to be able to obtain the 20 to!

While spraying everyone feel a variety of fun through the hell of the degree of difficulty

We are preparing diligently in order to be able to earn a better reward!

If you can enjoy fun All in all I think -

The degree of difficulty of the new day of the week dungeon "hell"! Many of the expected thank you ~

And brave of you me always watching with interest to the Seven Knights

Thank you~! Along with interesting content now also a variety

I do want to come to find ~

Sorry I'm So So Bad English Guys...

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