Seven Knights Korean Server Update 23 March 2016 : New UI Interface, Bug Fixed, Add Daily Dungeon Hard, Etc

Finish Pre-Season and start of the guild war Season 10

 Is updated ranking union before initialization and pre-season order.
- The normal period for the new season can be changed according to schedule.
- Guild by the "union" and "combat stance" is available through the entrance.
- Full Guild daily 12:00 to 23:30 you can participate in.
Prepare schedule and less than 25 times the association will be processed immediately abstain lost.
※ When you leave the guild guild tokens automatically get destroyed, it can not be recovered.
※ Association preseason season do not pay before compensation.
※ regular season before the war guild 9 regular-season compensation guild 10 until it begins to only accept.
      If you do not receive the reward of the season, before the update check - Season compensation] Please pick up your!
※ before new users join the guild of the day, a guild can not be holding a coin also will participate in the state before the guild 0.
If the guild league results of the same rank progress occurs ※ will be selected according to the following order of priority.
    Before many more signs 1. guild guild (guild war if scores are equal)
    Two wins, a draw, in order to defeat the Great Society (formerly the Association point, if the same sign)
    3. Perform guild name in the same order (Society of war point, Mark, sometimes the same)

Boss Boss Shop & Reorganization - This is as i post before, but i have to add that now we only have 1 fight per boss with x2 points. Boss equipment will have additional effect on PvE (so i think it can use on PvP too but not as good as when use on PvE. Well we will see about it when it come out)
The boss and the boss shop renovation
- Become more powerful boss of the scheduled time. -
Removing reduce transition was hanging to the boss himself and is initialized, even when his cooldown.
- Old boss, the number of participants is twice → 1 time has been changed.
- Mission attendance three times a week is the boss → 2 times change.
- Store owner only be added to existing equipment purchase
  (Former owner of the store only to purchase additional equipment includes a PVE effect.)

Add new Dungeon Difficulty day

- Part 20 of the hell of the degree of difficulty clear when awakening, one random out of the 4 to 5-star element, reward box is acquired.
- Add admission during the 400 Ruby, by selecting other dungeon, will consume 650 pieces at the time of Ruby admission.
Visit For Describe Daily Hell and Boss Round : Click Here
Describe explanation Daily Dungeon Hell and Boss Fight Visit : Click Here
And error correction
- When the hero and receive a remote group of offensive skill limit amplification effect, the phenomenon of attacks preferred number 2 is reduced again
- During this period 2-5 main opponents attack hit effect does not produce symptoms
- When taeoh and awakening del ronjeu intermittent discharge phenomenon does not apply Del ronjeu reflection immune effect
- Reduce Defense (Brilliant Sword) in awakening skills ministers use Rachel armor reduction skills (Phoenix) the development of coverage
- A phenomenon disappear bleeding passive skill sober Immune ally Espada death

Marked goods UI improvements
Town UI improvements.

Favorites feature, you can configure the commonly used features are optionally added.

Explore the function of the instrument panel, you can also check the progress of the task you have been added.

- Guide the pursuit of quantity and compensation collapse.
   (Veterans unclear guide task will reset all tasks.)
- Add the Guide button on the world map.
- When the hero strengthening effect has been improved.
- Decrease the probability of local reefs German high-end device is slightly elevated.
- Adventure initial compensation paid only once a settlement has been added.

Bug fixes
GvG ban list > None
Reward events
Awakening equipment event
close Event
  - Accessories Upgrade chance! activity
  - Hero - Kyle, teo [pet] probability, Lou get up and get events
  - 2 Anniversary Special Event Packages

Kyle, Teo acquired events
Hellenia awakening and +10 event


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