Buff and Debuff Stacking Guide : Overall Damage and Physical Increase

Only 1 buff/debuff can be active per category, with the most powerful one being active.
Italicized buffs/debuffs are permanent and can't be debuffed as long as the owner is alive. If they were overridden by a buff, and that buff expired, they'll be active again.

Positive Buffs:

Overall Damage
Boundary of Death (Dellons Passive Skill) - 10/15/25

Empower (Shaman Howl Active Skill) - 25/30/35

Warmth Echo (Lina Active Skill) - 35/40/50

Veteran Savvy (Aragon Passive Skill) - 20/25

Physical Attack

Fodina's Rage (Eileen Passive Skill) - 25/40/60

Raise Morale (Victoria Active Skill) - 35/40/50

Hunter's Instinct (Ricky Active Skill) - 55/60

Knoll's Vigor (Rowl) - 25/30

Enhanced Arrow (Ellen Active Skill) - 30/40/50

Berserk Roar (Alli Active Skill) - 30/35/40

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