Cute Seven Knights Figures

" Mines of silence " Podium My Empress Eileene

" Sites for Flame " patron Article Eve

"  Hell Room " Overlord of Hell Chris

" Forest of Mystery " absolute defender Rudy

" Blizzard Land " Spike Tyrant of Cold

" Tomb of Darkness " Sovereign Death Knights Dellons

" Desert of Flames " Phoenix Incarnation Rachel


The Seven Knights Figures are officially released before , 1000 will be conducted limited set of pre-sales ,

Seven Knights Figures (7 kinds ) and a special limited edition of components 300 is composed of rubies coupons .

For details and how to purchase, please refer am going through the drill guide help further notice .

Seven Nights given as much attention to art books ,

The Knights Seven Figures to ask a lot of attention .

2 Komentar untuk "Cute Seven Knights Figures"

  1. hello..
    may i ask you, how to purchase the 7 knights figure collection? thank you

  2. hello... u can buy Seven Knights Figure on Ebay..

    Now not purchase List because sold Out All figure

    Just waiting for to buy figure . after u can buy from list ebay


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