Heroes Awakening Skill Description Dellons - Seven Knights

Status Max Levels

Status Max level and Equipments

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Information Skills
(Passive Skill)

1. Increase allies total damage by 50%.

2. Void Shield from any kind of damage for 5 hits.

3. Self Immunity from damage reflections.

4. Reflect status ailment inflicted to him for 3 times.
Skill 1 (Cooldown : 90 sec)
Target 1 enemy with triple 250% physical damage, additionally penetrates, always critical & reduces all enemies buff timer by 2 turns. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 750% physical damage)
Skill 2 (Cooldown : 110 sec)
Targets all enemies with double 80% physical damage, Additionally penetrates through damage immunity & apply silence. (Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 160% physical damage)
Awakening Skill
Awakening Skill
Consume his HP to 1, reset his skills & gain 5 Void Shield. His normal attack (speed & counter) targets 3 enemies. Reflect status ailment inflicted to him for 3 times.

Battle Rating


This is not Seven Knights Guide ok?

Another day if the opportunity arises I will make Guide Awakening Hero before that I will investigate how to pattern of attacks and before afters the hero in battle

Sorry For Bad English Becuz i'm Use Google Translate ^.^

Help me contribution correct this translate/Bantu saya untuk memperbaiki terjemahan ini

This is True Hero Guide : Click Me

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