Seven Knights Korean Server Update 11 April 2016 : New Improvement Selectable Hero Summon

- Now you can see full veiw of hero and skills when use selectable hero summon.- Improvements

Preview options add functionality
the hero is selected Encyclopedia UI has been added .

When selecting the skill of the hero, the hero / You can check the stats .

■ Attendance Check dashboards to improve
Attendance Status notation has been improved to weekly in the month .

■ chat window marked improvement

Acquisition dialogue box is main chat window and the split will be shown .
※ If the chat window improve the image can be changed from above .
- Bugs and bug fixes
Such as heat buff is correct, the wrath of the skill of the lean solvent hero in a situation that is in effect phenomenon that also applies to the other row buff
All depends phenomenon did not apply because the amplification is amplification of the drill depends, El hero Goku
Trinkets crafted by 2 options [ beneficial buff removed + instant death effects - the life force is applied when attacking one by one to survive once passive phenomenon that did not apply
Intermittent phenomenon hero does not apply above a certain limit to the maximum value Attack damage when attacking skills
Boss After entering 10 symptoms that were deducted when the number of times within a second exit
Guide Quest Guide quest disappearing phenomenon Details Go back upon
Developing gaming push checks set in the option does not proceed normally,
- GvG ban list : Hellenia, Delonse, Rudy, Jeiv, Wukong, Teo, Noho (same)
- End event > None

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