Seven Knights League (Sena Cup) Guide

Sena cup is a competition between Top Ranked player in Korean server. The participants are limited to 32 players only. Sena cup competition only start on every weekend (Sunday). The battles start at 16.00 KST and end at 18.00 KST. For those who are not participate you can vote your favorite team. You only have 10 minutes to vote. Just pick a player with high chance of winning and have an excellent equipment (Dragon Equipment).

This 32 player will be divided into 4 team A, B, C & D. You can only vote 1 player in this 1
will 4 Rounds of battles so you have a total 4 chance of voting.

1st rounds are this A, B, C & D.
2nd rounds are the elimination of 16 players for the semi-finals.
3rd round will be the semi-finals with a total of 8 winners from the elimination rounds.
4th round are the finals to decide who will get 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place.

Also there are 3 types of rewards. Reward for Participant:

1st Place : 500 Rubies
2nd Place : 300 Rubies
3rd Place : 250 Rubies

Reward for Cheering a winning player : Random Reward on each week
Reward for Cheering a losing player : Random Reward on each week

Voting is pretty simple. Tap  this button on below picture.

After that, you will see the player who will fight just like the picture below. Tap on this

Choose which player you want to choose, Pick Left for Left Player and Right for Right Player.

At this moment I will pick the Left (Delonse).

Tap on the right button to confirm your vote on that player. Noted that, once your voted, you can’t change your vote anymore so vote wisely. Once you voted there will be a glow besides the name of the player. Look at picture below.

If you win the vote, your reward will be given into your mail on that day.


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