Developer's Note 19 May 2016 Seven Knights Global/Asia



If you have updated your game from the market last week, your account may be DELETED after the update this Thursday if YOU HAVE ONLY CONNECTED YOUR GAME VIA GOOGLE.

Please make sure you connect with at least two methods including Facebook or Every Netmarble (e-mail).

If your game has been deleted after the update, we will restore your account as quickly as possible through our 1:1 customer support.

Hero Remake Voting Event!!

The Seven Knights team is planning a remake and are asking for your vote! Up for consideration are our beloved members of the Evan Expedition: Heavenia, Hellenia, Snipper, and Ariel!
1. Our small but deadly Snipper

2. Rudy’s stepsister Ariel

3. The Clumsy One who fell, Heavenia

4. The Responsible One, Hellenia

The voting starts from the post of this notice until the 23rd May 14:59 (UTC), and we will give 100,000 Gold to all of the users in the game if we get more than 30,000 votes before it closes, so get your friends voting for your favorite Hero!

The above time translates as below:
Taiwan: 22:59
Thailand: 21:59
Indonesia: 21:59
PDT: 07:59

*The rewards will be given as a mobile push notification on 25th May, so look out for your gift!

Wrong Item type on certain users

There have been reports of a certain user’s equipment not matching the type of the Hero that the item is equipped on. We would like to clarify that the user is in no way affiliated with the company.

The user’s item, when viewed through the database, is indeed the right type of item for the Hero, but we have found an error in which the item does not appear correctly when viewed by other users. Rest assured, the effect of the item is being applied as it should, and the item is only incorrect in its appearance.

The issue has been found to be occurring for users other than the one reported, and the team is investigating into the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused, and will have the matter fixed as soon as possible.

Castle Rush Max Points

Currently, the max value of Castle Rush score available to view is set at 2.1 Billion (2,147,483,647) points. We know some of you have been reaching for the stars and were disappointed when you found that your records weren’t increasing.

It is possible to score points over the above amount, but even when users obtain higher scores than the set max value, only the max value points (2,147,483,647) will be shown in the game.

We apologize for the error and any inconvenience that this may cause.

"Back" button may not work with your inventory full!

We have an error in the game where the red “Back” button (loading...) may not work.
The said error works as follows:
1. The user finishes an adventure stage and earns a Hero or an Item
2. He/she taps on the Quick Start button
3. A pop-up notice appears with three buttons (NO, PROCEED, SELL) warning you have reached the max number of heroes or items.
If a user follows the above steps, the “Back” button will freeze if you tap the NO button. In the above case, you will need to clear some spaces in your inventory and have 4 or more empty slots.
In this case, you must either:
1. Tap the NO button, then tap MANAGEMENT to enter your hero page. From here, you must use your Heroes/Items to have 4 or more empty spaces by selling/using as material/buying additional slots
2. Tap the SELL button, and sell the required amount of Heroes/Items so that you have 4 or more empty spaces.

Please check your inventory after you’re done, and if you have 4 or more spaces left, you should be able to proceed as normal. This may occur again if you acquire an item or hero during your adventure again, and can be solved by following the steps above.

We apologize for your inconvenience regarding the matter.

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