NEW UPDATE !!! Castle Rush Guide English Version


I know there's a guide to do CR in the Master Guide, but that hasn't been updated in ages and some newbies might be mislead. And with new heroes released, there are now a more variety of units that can be used

So, I hope this little guide can help you guys scoring better on CR

Formation : ALWAYS USE DEFENSE (1-4) put your best attacker on back or you can use formation more suitable with your team composition :)

List of Heroes you need:
  • Rachel (80% dmg reduce. Capped at 50%)
  • May (50% dmg reducer passive skill) + AoE skill reduce enemie's damage 40%! GOOD NEWS! Both of their skill STACKABLE!! so you will get 170% less damage!! (Dellon's Deadly Strike ONLY cost me 7-7-7-10 damage!)

Note: 170% less damage, its tottaly wrong. I type like that cuz i think it's easier for newbie to understand (oh yey 170% less!) For the "how it work" let use this math: Dellon hit me 1000dmg-May's passive(-50%)=500dmg, 500-50%(rachel)=250dmg, 250-(40% may's Brat Tat)=150damage receive.

With these units you can survive long enough to make sure you score high enough, at least until SENA goes SSJGSS (berserk 4-5) 


  • Personal Recommendation
  • Rudy single target
  • Lee Jung single target
  • Ace AoE

With this combination, you have both passives active and can get rid of the rook and Chancellor if Rudy starts off with a buff  >_< Hooray for the buff!

  • Joker single target
  • Ariel AoE (not recommended)
  • Heavenia single target
  • Ruri atk to 3 enemies
  • Yuri single target
  • Rachel Decrease 50% defense for enemy team! (It says 80% but the cap on CR is 50%)
  • Victoria 50% extra p-m.dmg (not recommended cuz her STUN passive have no effect on SENA)
  • SENA (Eileen/ Dellons)
  • Ace Passive increases damage taken by 50% and further decreases enemy defense by 50%. Stackable! 
  • Lina 50% extra damage! Not like Victoria's so it's fine if you pair her up with Eileene since they'll both stack xD
  • Eileene 60% Phys Boost. You can bring her if you can keep her alive xD otherwise don't bring her since she's very glass cannon

PUT YOUR BEST ATTACKER HERE!! XD your SENA or other units youve ownd
Jupy 230% with Triple Snipe and almost ALWAYS CRIT when using SNIPE STANCE a favorite for some for her aspd too...
Shane My personal favorite unit to use in Castle Rush. Almost ALWAYS CRIT and is way easier to use with Jupy. You don't have to worry about losing the buff out of nowhere. 

  • Yui, AoE heal & AoE Ressu, 6 turn ANTI SILENCE for your team
  • Karon, AoE heal & Single Heal, 6 turn ANTI STUN for your team
  • Rania, ANTI FREEZE for 6 turn
  • Leo/Karin, ANTI DEATH for 5 turn. Personally I prefer Karin since she's a better support and will get an awakening. ,
  • Lucy, Aoe Heal & Debuff remover, extra 50% block chance for your team. A replacements for your any passive unit that you might not access
  • Alice Healer + cleanser. Both in one skill and the passive increases damage. But it doesn't stack with Ace. Not recommended to replace passive units like Lucy since she doesn't have immunity herself!
  • Zhuge Liang you can bring this unit if you don't want to bring a double cleanser for Rachel. I personally would recommend to save two turns of cleansing
You dont have to own all those mentioned units above, this game have FRIEND AIDS system, so you can bring the unit needed from your friends
Only bring LINA as healer, she'll be able to heal your teams every turn as well as boosting damage by 50%!!!!
TURN OFF the AUTO-SKILL, rotation is the key to gain high score in CR. ALWAYS remember DEBUFF 1st then dealing high damage.
Use single target above aoe, cuz single target can deal extra damage (exception for Eilenee (100%) and Ruri (140%)
I suggesting bring 4 unit only, put your friends unit/tryout sena in empty slot.
for 1st and 2nd floor quickly kill the enemies (rook+chancellor) with your AoE skills or single target skills, save the debuffer for SENA, you dont want to miss target right? wait till rook die. . . .
MAKE SURE YOU LET THE ENEMY IN THE SECOND ROUND MOVE LAST. This way you get to move first in the final wave!! 


Must have unit: BUFF REMOVER ====>why? Cuz Rudy's Defense Preparation give him SUPER EXTRA MEGA SHIELD that can cutout damage up to 80% and Debuff immunity (PLUS) extra 60% def from his Passive skill (#^ω^)
BEST COMBO Ace Lee Jung. Both their moves will cover their long cooldowns. Lee Jung will let you spam your DPS too. So much damage HAHA
Bring your best attacking unit, bring Eileen or whataver you want/have to boost your damage

If you have buff remover, it's easy to deal with. Use BUFF REMOVAL after Rudy casting his shield, debuff him, and hit him as hard as you can, repeat, before he turn SSJGSS ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

My personal team build (NORMAL):
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Ace & Lee Jung(Damage booster + Damage reducer + buff removers ALL IN ONE), Karon ANTI-STUN + HEAL, May

Must have unit: VICTORIA

With Victoria you'll be able to counter Eileene electrify. Apart from that, nothing else special Just bring the best nuker unit, and don't forget to cast Rachle's Phoenix-Blaze immediately if available.

My personal team (NORMAL)
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Victoria (ANTI-ELECTRIFY), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Rachel


Must have unit : TWO STRATEGY

  • Go double cleanser (Lucy/Alice) OR
  • Bring Zhuge Liang (Personally prefer this one so you don't waste turns cleansing)

This castle you get two choices. You can either do the first strategy and cleanse every time she debuff you OR bring Zhuge Liang and not worry about it all. Zhuge Liang is nicer 

My personal team (NORMAL):
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Zhuge Liang(ANTI-DEBUFF), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Rachel

Must have unit : ANTI SILENCE

Same Strategy! hahaha

Lucky for us, Dellons suddenly lost his 3 turn immunity, good news  If you bring Yui with you, you not need to worryy bout his aoe silencer. Debuff him, hit him, till yui's anti silence wornout

My personal team (NORMAL):
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Yui(ANTI-SILENCE), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Rachel

Must have unit : ANTI FREEZE

Debuff-Hit-Repeat enjoy your score
My personal team:
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Rania(ANTI-FREEZE), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Rachel


Must have unit : HEALER+DEBUFFER

All you have to do is out heal his burn and you should be able to win e z p z. Lina can usually finish the job. His 2nd active skill is scary because he ignores DEFENSE !!( д):・’.::・(ーー; ). I have to bring both May and Rachel in this one to remove as much damage as possible. You can bring Alice to replace Ace if you need the healing. It's only a 10% damage difference anyways

My personal team:
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Rachel(debuffer), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Alice

Must have unit : ANTI DEATH

Debuff-Hit-Repeat enjoy your score 。*。+。(`・ω・。)o. Thank god Lu Bu they made Karin and Leo. It was very difficult before that happened ヘ(。□°)ヘ

My personal team:
  • Backliner: Shane
  • Frontliner: Karin(ANTI-DEATH), Ace (Damage booster), Lina (Damage booster + Healer), May (debuffer)

NOTE: Any team for EASY CR or for Beginners can replace Ace with Rachel

That's it from Credits By >> Skeletoonz

If you guys have any suggestion/ question just write down n comments section. i hope this guide can help you to make high enough score on daily CR.

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