Next Update Awakening Hero Seven Knights : "White Wolf Feng Yan"


Brave you heat wave in fury, do you spend even one day today?
The developers note of today, to the awakening storm of the blade "Feng Yan"
We would like to ask you a hero everyone.

"Feng Yan" is with survival tile that all the damage the immune
A powerful attack skills, was a hero who had a great influence in the past.
As "Feng Yan" is essential hero in a variety of content, it has been accounted for a very large standing,
Time is located caused a lot of changes in the Seven Knights have passed was reduced little by little.
And, through this time of awakening "Pun'yon" is a warrior you again
Many will be prepared to receive the love.

Through the awakening to new makeover "Feng Yan".

What come or plan of the that back in the figure, let's look at from now.

(awakening update schedule has not been finalized yet,

Skill balance is subject to change.)

Disclaimer : Skills are subjected to further changes by CMUnique Passive Skill

Self Immunity from damage for 4 turns.  In addition, his weakness the attack probability increased by 80%,
Increase allies critical chance by 40%

Skill 1 Cooldown 60 Sec
Single target 500% damage. In addition Place a 2 turns taunt debuff on targeted enemy

Skill 2 60 Sec
AOE 100% damage,
In addition, MAGIC AMP 40% Buff to self for 3 hits.

Awakening skills

It gives a 1000% magic damage to one enemy.

In addition during the four turns, Block Rate by 40%

His critical damage is increased by 40%.

In addition, we will describe the entire skills configuration.

First, there is a unique passive lasting effect.

Position of the current Pun'yon, as described above, there is no place which is able to very active
It has determined that it is the situation. So that we can'll extend the uses for Pun'yon through this time of awakening
Their own sustained effect of increasing the vulnerability attacks and weakness attack damage granted,
For this reason, we configured so that it can be worked as a powerful dealer with other heroes.
In addition, by increasing the number of turns of all of the damage immune, we empower by viability.

It is to use skill 1

Like the unique sustained effect, so that it is possible to increase the uses for Pun'yon
If you give us a reliable role it has determined to be correct.
Therefore, when the "mouth noise sword attack", but the damage was slightly lower than the existing skills
Re-use the waiting time has been reduced to 60 seconds from 150 seconds
To change so that it can be utilized more frequently,
Through the effect of allies between the two turns is to attack a target
It is scheduled to make the target to focus attacks.

Skill 2

In the case of "a certain Ogomu", but the existing whole attack skills such as,
So that the skills that can become a newly transformed "Feng Yan"
"There Ogomu" re-use the waiting time of skills to slightly decrease
In addition we plan to grant the effect of magic force increase three times.
Thereby, it is possible to take the attack and buff at the same time,
By utilizing such as "mouth sounds sword attack" and "a certain Ogomu"
It is scheduled to be prepared to be able to use the strategic skills.

It is awakening skills

Yet powerful one attack skill, through the effect of reducing the probability of preventing further the object,
To reduce that Feng Yan of attack will be abolished by preventing the enemy,
In addition to the subject is less Pun'yon through the critical damage rise
It is scheduled to be ready so that it can be a more powerful attack.

It was information about the more than awakening "Pun'yon".

Through the awakening is active in a variety of content to "Feng Yan"

Brave of you I would like to love the future a lot.

We also, further, so that you can show off to prepare more carefully.

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