Next Update Awakening Heroes Seven Knights : Soi

Monday is the start of a new week, did you often send?
I would like to reduce the discontent of gone by weekend
In the first developers of notes of May today, it has been found in the new awakening hero news.

This time of awakening the hero of the news is just the eyes of a hawk, "Soi"!

Soi was the hero who spread the big success to damage the immune enemy of five attacks.
However, after this, excellent hero appeared than soybean, longer and more able to see the success.

Therefore, soy is to receive the interest of the hero-like again through this time of awakening,
It is scheduled to be ready to be able to come back to the hero that can be active in the Seven Knights along with the hero-like.

So, come back to the awakening in any form is "Soi", let's look at from now.

(* Soi was awake update schedule is not yet finalized,Skill balance may vary)


- Unique Passive
Immune to 5 attack  is given to all ally for 3 turns 
The fifth is given to invalidate any damage to them.
Additionally, the weakness of the allies started off with a rear attack damage hero will rise to 40%.

- Heart shoot (Cooldown: 80 seconds)
Dealing 650% physical damage to all enemies of one patient.
Additionally, the weakness attacks triggered and applies a penetrating effect.

- Awareness skills
Skill resets the cooldown of all allies.
In addition, three times a void for any damage will be deducted and given as the number of strikes.
(This effect also applies to the defense ignored, penetrating effect.)

It was later introduced to the skill of awakening 'Soi'.
Next, we will explain the intent of the skill changes.

- The First, unique Passive effects.

5th void is granted for all the damage to yourself.
In addition to 3 turns on the immune attack existing friendly full 5 Soi
To give himself the damage invalidates 5 times
Soi has awakening the intended to increase their survival.
The weakness of the allies Formation back attack damage hero rises to 40%.
Friendly rear main dealer by placing a team in the wake of Soi
It will be added to the effect that can increase the attack power.
The weakness that relate to a hero attacks with a combination awakening and Soi
It seems to be able to expect to see a higher attack power.

- Second Skill, the use skill.

Shoots heart
650% Physical damage Damage to the enemy one patient.
Soi is one of the most popular attack skills is expected to significantly increase the attack power to 650% from 180%.
This weakness attacks triggered through and applies effect.
Instead of applying a penetrating effect lost 20% of your maximum health damage,
It was intended to be a strong one as popular as the skill name.

Skip sheets
Double the 70% physical damage of the attack force to 4 enemies.
Skills to give the once damage to the three existing enemy
4 people in the skills that give a double damage to, the more times
It will be modified so that it can damage.
Critical is applied, remove the beneficial buff.
While increasing the attack power is applied critical at the same time
It has been added to the utility of that you want to remove the beneficial buff enemy
It was intended to be a little more effective wide-area skills.

- Finally, it is awakening skills.

Awakening skill of awakening Soi in the combat situation became unfavorable
It is scheduled to all allies to prepare to be able to raise again fighting ability.

Initialize the skill cooldown of all allies.

Not because the situation in writing cooldown skills required
Friendly so that the whole can use all the right skills
I want to give effect to reset the cooldown skills.
Given three times a void for all damage will deduct the number of strikes.
Skill reuse time initialization and at the same time to all allies
Given the void deducted three times as much as the number of strikes
It will add a little more to be reliably written skills.

More than that concludes the introduction to the awakening 'Soi'.
Soi enjoy watching the awakening will end up working in any Content,
Today the developer notes for the awakening Soi
I will ask for your comments and interests of de mighty's.

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