Seven Knights Korean "Revamp Awakening Kiriel"

Today I would like to introduce a new hero to remake your mighty
The developer notes have been found to meet you.
A remake of a hero so far, specifying the heroes we will remake
In a way that goes through you and how veterans of the vote was in progress.
This remake of a hero in a long time we needed a new change
I would like to propose the selection.

Opinion of the hero everyone is always most important.

The future of the hero remake, as up to now and our proposal

Hero's ongoing plan to remake alternately your voting method

To continue to ask the diverse opinions and a lot of interest.

Hero who is will introduce so today, is truly "Kiriel".
Kiriel but is a member of the revolutionary group is a population that axis in charge of Seven Knights,
Of relatively brave everyone compared to the heroes of other revolutionary groups
It seems that opportunity to receive love was small.
It is scheduled to be prepared to receive a lot of love of the hero everyone through this remake.

'Kiriel' newly transformed through the remake.
What am I going to come back we'll look at now.

(* It did not have remake ophthalmic update schedule is not finalized performance skills
Mighty enemies with your balance through feedback and ongoing worries
If you believe that the problem may vary.)

* first commanding officer Kiriel (Awakening basis)

[Before Remake]

Passive Skill
1. Void Shield from any kind of damage for 5 hits.
2. Grant immunity from damage reflection in a row.
3. Reduce enemies block chance by 50%."

Skill 1 (cd 80)
Target 4 enemies with 100% magical damage, additionally high chances to stun for 2 turns.

Skill 2 (cd 120)
Target all enemies with 120% magical damage, additionally reduce buff duration by 2 turns & penetrates.

Awakening Skill 
Amplify allies physical & magical damage by 100% for 3 times, additionally bestow 2 Void Shield.

[After Remake]
Reduce enemy block chance 50%
Additionally, All party members immune to reflect damage.
Also has a 5 hit void shield

Skill 1 (cd 90)
Hits 4 enemies with 70% magic damage twice
Additionally, ignores defense.
High chance to stun.

Skill 1 (cd 110)
AoE 60% magic damage twice.
Additionally, penetrates.
Reduce all turn based buffs 2 turns

Awakening Skill
Amplify allies attack (physical and magical) 100% for 4 hits (includes counter, speed, and normal attack)
Additionally, gives 4 hit void shield.


Skill 1

Kiriel emergency as a hero, but to take advantage of the reflection immunity
More viable than the 'Theo', with the same effect as a column of limitations such as lack of time
I think he was difficult to take advantage of a variety.
Kiriel egen given this opportunity through the reflection effect immune to all friendly
The viability falls than 'taeoh "more broadly to the effect ally
Kiriel  drill was applied for by giving a specific column to be fixed to the desired position
It is to be moved will be changed so that they have a higher utilization.

Skill 2

Meteor Shower and Regulus

Doubling the number of shots
Kiriel missing have points of the point hit the number of active skills was lower than viability
It seemed that it was annoying to take advantage.
Through this opportunity, me to increase the number of shots that had been missing so far in the double
It is scheduled to be changed to make it easier to minus disable and hit number invalidation of the other party.

In the case of "Regulus" Damage to increase the number of strikes and skills, up to and including the defense ignored the effect.

Over the opponent blocked state of the immune effects, even if not trigger a stun
It has been configured so that it can be a useful skill.

In the case of 'meteor shower' with great skill through that effect and reduction buff turn
Increase the number of strikes is expected to be changed more often used to reduce the cooldown.

By changing the effect of the two skills, even if skills Kiriel is triggered
It is scheduled to be changed so brave you are likely to be worth enough.

Awakening Skill

The effect of awakening the existing skill is thought that the lack of parts.

Void Shield, 3 times amplification is easily lost due to normal attack and counterattack, and Speed Attack

It has determined that it is difficult to activate at a critical moment.
Also called void value is twice as above even harmed as regular attacks
Points insufficient to disappear as easily in survival skills have been thinking much.
This change is amplified through a 3 -> 4, hitting number 2  -> 4 times increase
It will be changed so little that you can take advantage of higher value.

It was information about the more than remake "Kiriel".

Through the current remake, reborn to more powerful heroes "Kiriel" is

I think that if you can receive a lot of love of the hero everyone.

Skill Balance also part configured via the Developer Notes
Note listened to hear the opinion of many of you mighty
So we will carefully prepare and launch.

Is the day the heat wave is gone raining much trouble cool rain.

However, health management of military personnel of everyone for the weather became cold because of the rain will be worried.

I hope spend the rest of today the day comfortably.

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