Seven Knights Korean x BlazBlue Costume Collaboration : Costume Luminous Hero

Month of May home I also have toward the end unawares.

Special May to remember parents and older brother, younger brother, a sister ... and teacher
Our mighty men you meaningful, did you often send?

In this developer note, I would like to talk about the first of preparation saw collaboration.

Any of the characters who are now appearing in the Seven Knights through the cola pace,
It will be expected or will be active in any form. You would you like?

First, collaboration direction to up to now we are in preparation, we are planning two big.

1. Costume collaboration
2. new hero collaboration

First, in the case of costume collaboration in the first,
It is a form wearing a collaboration costume to the hero that exists in Seven Knights.

The advantage of costume collaboration is, it is possible to directly take advantage of the hero to appear in Seven Nights
In particular, if the collaboration with the liked work, its value is expected to increase further.

Secondly, in the case of a new hero collaboration,
It will be collaboration subject of character in such a way that a new hero released to appear in Seven Knights.

The advantage of the new hero collaboration is,
I like brave of you, but is the part that can meet the various works of the hero.

In addition the only charm Seven Knights in collaboration original as it is of feeling as much as possible
We do our best efforts in order to deliver the excitement new fun and that could not be felt in the existing for.

Ever devoted to say the part of the collaboration that we have been planning,
I believe that a new attempt to see Coke is you and Seven Knights team of warrior going to make that it is a challenge
We will try to be able to meet the cola information of good works in the Seven Knights.

Call first to see our prepared
By: "Costume Seven Knights collaboration X BlazBlue '
A total of three new costume is scheduled to be released on Thurs, May 26th!

Alicia x Tsubaki

Kiriel x Koeru

Ryan x Raguna

Finally, the combination of the system that is improved in the last week
Thank you for the great response of the pet system improvement proposals that have been published using the developer notes.

Direction of future updates, combination, such as the pet system, of course, the improvement of existing content,
The overall frequently repeat play and the long time required content entirely reorganized
We will try to place the emphasis on creating an environment that can focus on the important content than it is now.

In particular, he will send it to steadily improve the draft opinion was often part that empathy is also us.
These comments, please wait just a little bit but in the discussion so that it can be most preferentially improvement.

So, I support new initiatives in favor of the Seven Knights and challenges,
Last time I mentioned before and Guild representatives from the developers note tournament system
Will be applied from next season, I am your warrior I would expect much.

I'll keep you posted as the developer notes.

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