Seven Knights Skill Description Feng Yan Awakening

All About Feng Yan ~

Information Skills


immune to all kind of damage 4turns, increase his weakness attack chance 70%, every his normal, swift, counter and Skill attack reduce his cooldown 10sec

Active 1

Single target with 400% damage additionally ignored def

Active 2

Targets all enemies with 100% damage additionally if less number of enemies to attack skill will increase by 50%

Awakening Skill

Awaken Skill

Single target with 1,000% damage additionally reduce target block rate 50% and increase his crit damage by 100% for 4turns





Recommended Equip

WeaponSpeed Attack
 ArmorCounter Attack
RingTotal Damage And Counter Rate
Jewel HP

Counter Rate
JewelTotal Damage
JewelCritical Damage
This is not Seven Knights Guide ok?

Another day if the opportunity arises I will make Guide Awakening Hero before that I will investigate how to pattern of attacks and before afters the hero in battle

Sorry For Bad English Becuz i'm Use Google Translate ^.^

Help me contribution correct this translate/Bantu saya untuk memperbaiki terjemahan ini

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