Update Seven Knights Global/Asia 4 May 2016 : Added Hero Yu Shin and Kang Jaenal

Here’s our update for this week! I know quite a lot of you have been waiting for a costume for Lu Bu, so read on for details!

1. Yu Shin and Kang Jae are now with us!
We have Yu Shin, our new hero! He is a former war hero who had lost a battle in the past and was forced to leave his country into the mountains. He did return once to save his country when it was in need, but returned to the mountains when the people didn’t’ accept him. He is now a sage and still dwells in the mountains.

Kang Jae is out for vengeance! He is a headless spirit, and can see and hear despite missing his head (albeit not too bright). He began a journey to fine his head after dreaming about the location of his head, but began a journey for vengeance after finding out that his head had long since decayed away.


2. Costumes!
We have 5 new costumes for our heroes, including Lu Bu! These are on sale at a discounted price for two weeks, so don’t miss this chance! The costumes give +20 ATK, +10 DEF and +100 HP. Ses more details [here]
Discount Event Period: 4th May ~ 18th May

Preview Costume

3. Affinity in Codex Blocked
The access to the Affinity page in Codex has been temporarily suspended due to resource rework issues. We will announce the re-open dates in a further notice, so please hold!

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