[Must Be Know] The Best Hero DPS for Dragon Raid

Credits By : Ren Bradley

Which one is better Sein, Delonse, Pascal or Awk Jupy?

Max Stats @40: (HP Atk Def Spd)
Awk Jupy 3484 1908 880 26 (2785 1509 634 26)
Pascal 2494 1789 775 30
Sein 2892 1622 687 26

We're just going to talk on DPS assuming all contenders are in their best equipment and best team composition..

Why no Delonse?? Lets just take him out of the loop as not many have him at 40(GA) ~ 46(KR) and takes ages to do so.. For those who does and if DPS is concerned, He loses to Awk Jupy by an inch but total damage are similar.. Delonse just takes a bit longer to reach Awk Jupy's total damage but I'm pretty sure you know that by now.. you have Delonse @40!!! you pro!!

Normal Dragon: (KR: Awk Jupy wins) (Global: Sein wins)

For KR awakened Jupy obviously takes the cake so no dispute here.. lets just talk about how it is in GA:

So basically the only contenders are Sein and Jupy:
Ok since Sein doesn't have 100% crit passive here the only thing thats left to compare are they're skill cd, raw damage and rotation:

Take note after a skill has been cast, it takes 10 secs (5 secs if 2x game speed) before you can cast a skill again.

Sein: 1 skills, 250% 36 cd
Jupy: 2 skills, 74 secs and 50 secs 

Lets just compute with raw damage to make it less complicated. Lets just assume Sein is equipped with lethal to match Jupy's sniper mode so lets just take it away.

Rotation: (start>skill2>interval>skill1.....)
cd: 50 + 5 + 75 = 130 secs
230% physical dmg (1509) + 230% Physical damage (1509) = 6941 raw damage in 130 secs

Rotation: (start>skill1>interval>skill1.....)
cd: 36 + 5 + 36 = 77 secs
250% physical dmg (1622) + 250% physical dmg (1622) = 8110 raw damage in 77 secs

Conclusion: Sein definitely takes the cake.

Awk/Hard Dragon: (KR: Awk Jupy, Sein special mention) (Global: no awk/hard dragon yet)
Why WTF why Sein, she has the lowest base atk stat and Jupy and Pascal are latest release?!! lol this is because of Sein's Passive.

Sein has permanent Critical and this alone is a major ouch for Hard Dragon. Hard Dragon apparently has huge reduction to crit chance buff (-40% still need to confirm) makes Pascal and Awk Jupy on Sniper mode utterly shooting reds and whites.

It might take longer for Sein to deal damage since her burst is not that great compared to Pascal/Jupy's but that total damage within that 3 turns is way better than Pascal's.

Also Sein's 3 turn immunity makes her survive just enough before Rage mode and believe me when Awk Dragon is in Rage mode, don't expect your team will be still standing..

Awk Jupy in the other hand has an additional 100% damage which is simalar to permanent crit. Tho its only 15 attacks but the good thing here is it stacks with crit!!

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