Seven Knights Korean New Improvment System / Developer's Note

Developers Note's 7K Korean.

Content is greatly improved in this update are four types of content usability improvements

    1. Top of the abyss

    2. Infinity Tower / Celestial Tower

    3. Hero / Pet lock mode

    4. Triple adventure mode

Top of the first in the abyss, in addition to previously released information from the last developer notes related to the compensation

I want a story ~ So let's look at the changes compensate each floor at the top of the abyss?

(All screenshots were taken from the test server may differ from the actual appearance that apply.)

If you clear the tower of the abyss, the past, but was able to get Ruby and key, or a reward, such as the hero of honor,

After it has been improved, we can win the "star points" in all floors. In addition, in the special floor

Is a common layer in another way, it was made to be able to earn more and more of the "star points" -

By pay another point in all of the floor, only to clear all of the layers, 233 pieces of additional

You can win the "star points"!

The change point of the next of compensation, is immediately, compensation of the season which can be obtained after the end of the tower season of the abyss!

Do you want to try compared with previous season compensation I was totally turned upwards-improvement?

Compensation you can see that it has been totally above - to leverage this another point

It is easy whether it be to buy some of the items!

Finally, it has to place looking for a hero has become easier for the condition of the tower of the abyss!

When you touch the conditions of the visible "universal hero two placement " as an example, brave like to just the above

List of heroes that meet the conditions in the you have the hero comes out  ~

As mentioned above, if you touch the hero to try to post a list of list of the hero comes out!

Touched can be placed directly hero team - Also, if the condition is satisfied, condition button is yellow

Enabled, it says that as good can be examined at a glance whether the conditions have been met -

Accordingly, it hero arrangement is now briefly improved in accordance with the conditions required in tower abyss!

The requirements to improve the second is the "Infinite Tower / Celestial Tower."

Enjoying the endless top of the tower up to the existing long if you do not have only key to the infinite yen is 30 minutes charging time

This was no way to enjoy wants. Now, if you do not have an infinite tower of only Key, a "normal key"

Answers consumption was improved to enable additional position - let's take a look at?

If the state does not have infinite tower dedicated key to admission the "Gold Chamber" or "infinite tower",

Depending on the position folded layer of the hero-like, is not able to admission to consume the "general key" to "infinite tower".

The number of general key needed to purchase the infinite tower dedicated key position of the brave like

Infinite is different entered were I to each tower floor -

Please refer to the table above, in order to exchange the key to the infinite tower, are some of the common key will be able to determine whether you need? ~

In addition, the opportunity to be able to re-entry the infinite tower I need "20 times".

Please note that this re-entry number is initialized at 00:00 every day!

The third is the content of,, "hero / pet lock mode".

New in the game settings menu option called "hero / pet lock mode" will be added.

Locking the hero, basically have been checked, if the state in which the check is,

Later what kind of special hero obtained by the route, special pet, only to elemental heroes

It referred to as a good thing to win the "hero locked" state. Would you take a look at once

 Check the "hero / Pet lock mode" on the next adventure game set and, if it acquires the elemental hero through the dungeon, including the day of the week!

 Element "hero locked" state of heroic dark elements you can see that it was not in the lock -

On the contrary, when the "hero / pet lock mode" off the option, special obtained after the hero, special pet,

Only to elemental hero, says the good to be acquired in the state of "hero unlock" -

To surrender the option "hero / pet lock mode", if supposed to be to win the element heroic dark element?

Says the good to be obtained in a state that is in a state of "Unlocking hero" As you can see -

To take advantage of the "hero / pet rock mode" option, now every time the lock status of the elements and special heroes

Without releasing, reinforcements and, improved so that it can be used to transcend Duendapunida!

In addition, when you strengthen the hero along with the "hero / pet rock mode" option, so that the element hero can be selected easily

I heard tab is added which is classified in general hero and elemental hero!

As in the screenshot, in the "General hero" status, common heroes are easily selected by being placed first material

Possible, touch "General hero" button, and then change to the "elemental hero"!

It is located only element hero, improved so that it can be used comfortably when you try to use the element as a reinforcing material  ~

At the end of the fourth, adventure and related improvements.

"Adventure 3-fold mode" will be added in this update! After that, "adventure three times mode" Let's look once what it is.

"Adventure 3-times mode" is made in the consumption of 3 times greater than the keys spent existing of, also three compensation clearing reward

Received is as you say that good at a time -

Once Let's look gradually. When you click on the stage you want to adventure!

As above screenshot, adventure 3times mode good and says as possible experience value acquisition comes at the time ~

Check the mode, and to clear the Dangerous by starting!

You can win three different compensation at a time from that of the conventional!

Consumption of the key is about three times, and then there is the advantage of being able to turn more than once an adventure in a short period of time!

If you use in the adventure three times mode, items and hero of the win probability, the balance, such as probability of occurrence of gold in the amount and mimic

When you use the relatively adjustmentadventure 3 times mode, in the early hours, it will be able to produce the effect of turning the multiple times of adventure!

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