Show Full Humidors Money - Gold from the drop! Note's From Seven Knights Korean

- We have to ask in this way in order for you to tell the sensational news to brave you today
What you want to introduce in the memo of the current developers, immediately!
It is about "the increase in gold" it is possible to obtain for each content ~!
It is happy news that can be a lot of content get more money you need -
Gold is, only to a certain one of the important goods in the "Seven Nights",
It was supposed to promote the improvement of gold through the trouble of a long time.
So, now, we'll take a look at whether gold's is where any increase ~?

Content to be the first to introduce is, exactly,
Infinite tower "golden increase in the room clear reward money" do you yo ~
I think that many people of the brave to play the "golden room" in order to obtain the money ~
The other day, following the "Golden Room" round improvement, called the stratified compensation is good to be increased 1.5 times!
~ Let's take a look at how much the table gold become so as to obtain a once for each layer?

Now in the golden room, you can get more money!

The second I'm "an increase in the shop selling gold" -
In the current gold shop, we have been able to buy gold at Ruby ~

As shown in the figure above, if so buy gold to ruby
Basic gold and bonus gold so that it can be obtained as soon as good as you say -
So, let's see if gold can be purchased at the shop to increase how much ~?

Gold makes sense to base, as well as to increase gold award!
Being able to get more gold with rubies as before,
I hope you to meet the gold shop to change quickly!

What you want to introduce to the third is,
"Contributions, the sale of gold ore increase in boss battles store" it is yo ~
First of all, are you selling the gold ore Sofanguon tower shop abyss you know ~?
It has been able to get the gold to sell gold ore obtained from this Increase ~
~ It's a plan to sell the gold ore Drop in future contributions and the boss battles shop!
After that, let's take a look at whether you can buy how much the gold ore Sofanguon in contributions and the boss battles shop ~?

 [Contribution Store]

[Boss Store]

Nante can buy gold ore Sofanguon with more content, it is really good news!

- Which saw describes Gold is subject to change over the total three times until now
It is really amazing Nante this so that the gold in many parts will be increased!

As people of the long time a lot of warrior is he will love the "Seven Nights",
In the future, - and I visited further satisfactory again to improve the draft of the content

Good Luck ~

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