Dev. Wukong’s Note, May’s Remake Seven Knights Global/Asia

Noble Knights! This is Dev. Wukong.

What did you think of last week’s Developer’s Note about Sun Wukong’s remake?   
We have heard that users want to use a variety of heroes, so we have brought information about the remake of Terra Kingdom’s best postal worker, May! 
May uses “Reduce Physical Damage received” as her unique passive skill, and as a result she was only used in Castle Rush.
It was quite difficult to use damage decrease as an Active Skill before, as it was only applied randomly at a certain rate during a battle, but by adjusting the skills, we wanted to secure a definitive position for her in the battle.
Let’s find out more about the remake for May, who has lost her spot due to the continuous addition of new Heroes.
(*After the update, when an enemy May appears, she will be the updated version.)
(*Please understand modified skills in this Developer’s Note may be changed, and also the remake and update schedules are not confirmed yet.)

 * Love Courier May (Based on 6-Star Rank) 
Buffing (Unique Passive Effect)
Reduce Physical Damage received for all allies by 50%. 
Omni-Rubber Druck (Cooldown: 72 second)
Attack an enemy with 190% Physical Attack.Ignore the target's Defense.

Bratatat! (Cooldown: 74 second)
Attack all enemies with 85% Physical Attack. Decrease Attack for one target or more by 40% at a certain rate for 2 turns.

(Based on the 6 Star Rank)

Buffing (Unique Passive Effect)
Reduces the Physical Damage received by all allies by 60% for 6 turns.
Additionally, becomes immune to all Damage for 2 turns.

Omni-Rubber Duck (Cooldown: 84 second)
Inflicts 250% Physical Damage on 1 enemy.  Additionally, increases the enemy's skill Cooldown by 15 seconds

 Bratatat! (Cooldown: 100 second)
Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on all enemies.  Additionally, decreases all enemies' Damage and Defense by 40% for 2 turns.

I will tell you more about the intentions behind May’s skill changes.
Firstly, let’s look at the Unique Passive Effect
Reduces the Physical Damage received by all allies statistic has been raised in small amount and also it became a turn based buff.
Also, immune to all damages has been added to increase May’s survival.
Even though it only lasts for 2 turns, being immune to all damages will help users to use her more effectively.
She will have a stronger position than before after this change.

Secondly, let’s look into her skills.
Omni-Rubber Duck ignores the enemy’s defense, but the damage was very low, and the additional options were insufficient, making it not very useful in battle. 
Therefore, in Castle Rush, where she was used a lot in, “Enemy Hero’s Skill Cooldown increase” will be added to help allies to activate more skills at least once.
Although, Ignore defense has been removed, this change will be more effective as it will grant more chances to cast allies’ skills. 

Previously, ‘Bratatat!’, was used to lower a target’s damage at a certain rate. 
To make May’s skill more unique than before, we have increased its damage and also added an ability that applies to all 5 enemies which decrease enemies’ damage and defense so “Bratatat!” can be more useful.
This concludes our explanation of May’s Remake.

We think that through this Remake, May will be able to take a more noticeable position in your formation. What do our players think?
Leave your thoughts about the new May in this thread! 
Thank you,
Dev. Wukong.

* The Seven Knights team is committed to always carefully listen to its players in order to better the Seven Knight in the right direction.

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