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Hello ~CM is Karin ~!

Hot summer, plan of cool summer vacation just thought was standing!

This time, announcements likely for the guild tournament that begins this week

It was ask you to note the developers - So, let's know once for the guild tournament.

1. the start of the tournament

The start of the tournament, is the basic thing to start in 5 parking regular season has begun!
However, the schedule of the tournament depending on the situation I want you to know that there is possible to change little by little!
The 1 to 4 parking lot, is progress conventional and guild warfare in the same way, at this time, it advanced 1-4 Parking
For all of the guild at the guild battle order, 64 of the guild from the top is one of the tournament group
Good and called for the formation. However, creating a last sub tournament groups, if there are 64 guild
The guild, good and say it is impossible to participate in the tournament.
For the tournament group, or let's, for example description?
Guild of the entire first place to 64 place is the assignment to the tournament in group # 1,

65-128-position of the guild is the assignment to a group of two tournament 129-192 place has been allocated to three groups
It would be way! Thus each formed each group along the 64 guild between competition table defined match table
We will be traveling through the once-a-day tournament game (Guild war)!
Tournament, 64 starting from the river, a total of six times up to 32 strong 16 strong 8 Strong semi-finals finals the guild warfare
Good and it says to progress between the 6th to
At the end of the seventh day, guild warfare has not been performed in the tournament settlement period.
In addition, the tournament is started only this week after the update this time of the first of the tournament,
That from the next season to start in 5 parking! be careful!

Progress and rules of the tournament

The tournament, a little different from the previous existing guild will be one there!
Immediately! Is that "draw does not exist," but, and if during the tournament period ally Guild
If the number of the acquired coins enemy guild are the same, not draw process, the priorities as follows
Victory / defeat is confirmed. In the case of a priority, the last "improvement of lead reform and content."

I became is a change in the priority give introduced in the developer notes ~

1. The number of coins earned in tournament
2. Guild representative number of coins (game day)
3. The order of high priority in the general season

When the draw came out, it was able to determine whether or not to win with the above conditions -

2-1. Tournament Eliminated
During the tournament progress, defeat the guild until the tournament is finished, the final advance to the round
You will determine the order through the same guild each other random matching. Or Let once the bottom of the calendar?

Guild Tournament Final between 64 to 32 defeat at the river a total of 5 (five) before a random match for the Guild

I did decide to proceed tournament rankings. (Final 33-64 above)

Guild Tournament Final between 32 to 16 defeat at the river before the guild randomly matched for a total of 4 (four times)

I did decide to proceed tournament rankings. (Last 17 to 32 above)

A total of 16 in the final tournament between guilds to eight defeat two days (twice) before a random match for the Guild

I did decide to proceed tournament rankings. (Final 9-16 above)

Shot in the quarterfinals to the final four tournament between guilds defeated 1 (1 votes) Random guild before a match during

I did decide to proceed tournament rankings. (Last 5-88 above)

Two guilds defeated in the semifinals will proceed to 3, with 4 EGG final.

In this way through the guild each other random matching losing in the tournament during the tournament period
Piled up a score of guild warfare, when the tournament is finished, by laden score in the tournament
Good and say ~ determinative the tournament group in order!

3. Tournament settlement

When the tournament ends, it referred to as the final regular season ranking may be refreshed in the tournament -

For accurate understanding, for example, to explain!

When the 128 guild is based on the assumption that to participate in the tournament?
Group of a total of two of the tournament is formed. Have been assigned to the once tournament from first place to # 64,
# 65 Guild of up to 128 positions will be assigned to twice tournament Duendapunida.
If Let's assume the results of our 1-4 weeks of the regular season of the Guild is 64, such as the!
If 64 or the like, it will be been assigned to one of the tournament progresses the tournament!
Among the tournament once, our guild has achieved good grades, to advance to the final
Assuming that accounted for first place! Our guild is, the final finish of the final overall first place
It becomes like!

Through the group stage as the World Cup, as well as the method to progress the tournament,

A group of guild between one of the tournament with a talent such as similar in 1-4 weeks of guild warfare

Tied in, on the basis of the order to match the results of each tournament in progress the tournament,
- I'm like so that the final order is change, therefore, even if the lowest in his tournament group
Be gentlemen assignment, according to the progress the results of the tournament, can go up in 1, etc.
Order that is varied little by little tournament method as described above becomes completed, the final regular season ranking
Finalized good and say. Depending on the ranking, and the final evaluation of the guild, the layers are determined, evaluation determined, in accordance with the layer
You do can receive a season compensation finally!
Through the tournament, you can give the relative merits to rank selection with a little more discretion!

Finally, is the talk of the evaluation and the layer of the guild.
In the existing guild warfare, and settlement every day, but came to the evaluation of the guild is determined, this time of the tournament
By to be added that, rather than depend every day of evaluation,
After being advanced to the tournament, we receive the evaluation and the layer according to the final ranking,
In this case, undergo evaluation and the layer is referred to as a good maintenance until the next season -
In the following season, when the matches and better performance, you will want to receive a better evaluation!
In the case that contains the if not good grades, it's form will receive a low rating -

4. Tournament compensation

Apart from receiving compensation by the overall rankings of the season through the tournaments finalized

The tournament season, consisting of compensation guild contribution handapnida exist - let's take a look at the tournament season rewards?

As noted above, it is so were able to win the guild contribution to the remuneration of the tournament -

Finally! I like fun news of the "raid"!

It is news that the number of laid compensation box is up! A lot of reward in conventional than less participation

Together with the original planning intention of trying to be able to obtain, of compensation box obtained per raid

The minimum number will be the upper of two! Also, the probability can be obtained a compensation box 3 or more

Prepare Hayotodapunida ~ so can get a lot of reward from increased now!

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