Background story of Awakened Wukong and Scenario Chapter 14

Background story of Awakened Wukong and Scenario Chapter 14

Awakened Wukong and Scenario Chapter 14

☆"Great Monkey King" Wukong
He trade with Delons to receive the power of destruction and he broke his magic circlet, ultimately increase his power significantly. He cooperate with Tower of Black Sorcery Research. He want return Heaven to do his revenge.

Episode 14 - " Loser of Heaven "
(Wukong's monologue)

I came back to sage peak when Curse of Destruction spread.
The Bull demon king got the power from Curse of Desruction so he running amock, i try to fight him but my power is nothing compared to him. So i got taught by sage. i got the power of sage, but the seal (Wukong circlet) on my head keep holding me backl.

Bull Demon King : you wukong dog of heaven, how dare you to show your face !

Wukong : ha-a, brother. i know you're full of energy..but, do you have enough power to face me !?

The bull demon king said to get more power i should gave up myself to my inner rage which i always keep inside. i consoled myself to meet Xuan Chang but.. my rage almost burst.
The power of Destruction slowly consumed me from deep inside.

First thing i know after that i cant control myself, i started to fight with "Unknown God from the heaven to save Xuan Chang.

i follow sage teaching to get rid of useless thoughts in my head, but its no use.

That time, He came to me.
He propose transaction to help me, of course, i know this choice is danger. but...

yes, i finally received the power of Destruction.
This process are painful but i feel more powerful then before.
and now i understand.
its time to back to heaven along with my RAGE.

** Relationship info ** Season 2 affinity

Wukong —→ Dellons : what is your true intentions?
Dellons —→ Wukong : just achiev your purpose.
Wukong —→ Hellenia : tell me the way to heaven!
Wukong —→ Velika : you are annoying. but i will help.
Velika —→ Wukong : tell me all you know!
Background story of Awakened Wukong and Scenario Chapter 14

(Special Thanks)
*translation by Sil Rest and Miki Tando

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