New Update Seven Knights Korean 27 October 2016 : New Awakening Heroes Spike

New Awakening Heroes Spike

Burning Ice Heart - Seven Knights Spike

1. Self immunity from damage for 4 turns.
2. All allies immune to debuffs for 3 turns.
3. Survives with 1 HP when attacked over its own HP.

Skill 1 (75s)
Target 3 enemies with double 170% physical damage, additionally penetrates through damage immunity.
(Accumulated damage inflicted equals to 340% physical damage)

Skill 2 (80s)
Target all enemies with double 110% physical damage, additionally High Chance to freeze for 2 turns.
(Deal extra 200% physical damage after freeze ends & accumulated damage inflicted equals to 220% physical damage)

Awaken Skill
Target all enemies with double 2000 Fixed Damage, additionally applies freeze for 2 turns.
(Deal extra 300% physical damage after freeze ends)

Equipment Dedicated Class 1 (awakening spike)

Dedicated Equipment "Special Option (random)"

if equipped by Awaken Spike
- Critical Chance 20%
- Block Chance 20%
- Increase awkn spike passiv immune debuffs +1turn (max 4turns)

Celebrate resell awakening spike costumes Limited (3 types)

Period: until after the update of October 27 (Thursday) to November 3 (Thursday) 4:00
- Contents: during the event period costume is limited resale.

Hello! 3 Halloween Costume four kinds of limited edition

- Date: October 27 after Thursday updated to November 10 (Thursday) until 04:00
- 20% discount when purchased in a package!





Guild Ended before pre-season and regular season, starting 15

- Initialization and guild rankings are updated rankings previous seasons ago.
- Regular-season period can be changed according to schedule.
- Guild before admission are available through the "Guild" and "combat stance".
- You can participate in the guild battle 12:00 to 23:30 every day.

Yun Hi / Yeon Hee Guild Costume Compensation

Yun Hi / Yeon Hee Guild Costume Compensation

 ※ Of the preparation time and the traveling time, the guild, which was less than 25 people, will be immediately abstained loses processing.
At the time of Guild expulsion / withdrawal ※, signs that won the guild members will self-destruct, will be non-recoverable.
※ Guild game pre-season will not be paid a season compensation.
※ remuneration of the regular season 14 and the guild tournament of guild warfare, you can receive up to before the guild race regular season 15 is started.
If you did not yet receive the season compensation, always in front of the check Update [season compensation], please receive the reward of the tournament]!
※ Guild members were new members will not be able to register the day of guild warfare, will be participating in the guild warfare in possession coins also 0 of state.
※ league of progress a result, when the guild of the same rank occurs, will be selected based on the following order of precedence.
1. guild warfare signs are more of guild (If the score of the guild war is the same)
2. win, draw, high on the losing order Guild (if guild warfare score, signs are the same)
3. progress in the order of the guild name of the consonant (if guild warfare score, signs, wins undefeated is the same)

- Additional events two dungeon (spike dungeon, Halloween dungeon)

[Spike Dungeon reward guidance]

[Halloween dungeon rewards Guide]

- Event dungeons are available position from the position adventure] → [specials Dungeon] → [Event dungeons.
- Event dungeons and share a number of positions, existing special dungeons can be a separate entrance.
(Eg twice a possible spike Dungeon Halloween dungeon entrance admission only once, and then the wings of the storm is possible to position three times.)

Other additions

  - Awakening spike hero is registered with your friends recommendation.
  - Recommended equipment are added spikes of vigilance.

■ Before Guild ban heroes (all grades including arousal)

- Wukong, Alicia, Kiriel, Sylvia, Yuri, Karma

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