Seven Knights Hero Guide : Noho

Seven Knights Hero Guide : Noho

Seven Knights Hero Guide : Noho

Technically, she's a very different unit compared to KR's version since this Noho is given to us at Lv 40 for free, so let's not give a damn about her KR skillsets for now.

Noho's Global/Asia Skill

Seven Knights Hero Guide : Noho

I don't know whether she's still in the summon pool or available in the selectors but if they do, this is a weird thing for Netmarble to do at this point since Lv 46 isn't released yet. inb4lv46releasednextMT
Noho will probably be the 'Tsing Tao' for Ticket Draw Sessions now, lmao.

Her stats at Lv 40 aren't too bad but she has 2.1k 2.4k base HP at +5. She really needs MAX HP armors because she needs to survive in the current content for her debuffs in her active skills to be used.


  • 4 Void Shields, helps her to survive a little bit longer at least
  • The lack of passives hurts her in Arena since you can't really control what skills you're going to use in the match and she doesn't really bring much to the table. You need her active skills to activate first if you want to inflict the debuffs since status aliments are currently the meta-strats and can easily disable her
  • 5 man target AOE always helps in Adventure farming

Skill 1

  • She's one of the few units (or maybe the only one) to have "decrease Block Rate" in an active skill.
  • Buff Reduction (2 Turns) is always welcome but it might not be useful against zombies in arena because 4 void shields usually are just gone when the opportunity is just right for her to eliminate them

Could be useful for Wednesday & Friday Daily Dungeon & Monday CR

Skill 2

Literally Ace's passive in her active skills
5 man target AOE always helps in Adventure farming

Overall, she's not too bad for a free Lv 40 hero but she's going to clash a lot with Ace so veterans don't really need her freakinginventoryleecher
However, she's a REALLY good hero for newbie players if they are focusing on masteries since she can be regarded as an alternative for Ace.
Although decreasing Block Rate is great for CR, most people are more likely to use Zhuge Liang for that. (especially for Wednesday CR)

IMO, it's whether you choose to transcend him or Noho for CR usage but you wouldn't really need Zhuge Liang outside of Wednesday CR. Noho's presence means that newbie players (or players that don't really have Ace) can choose to save their rubies and just focus on her as an Ace alternative.

No HP armors? Try your luck in Random Craft and hope you get something out of it.

Monday CR and Adventure (both of her skills target 5 enemies) are probably the best areas to use her at this point. Having Ace’s passives as active skills really hurts her utility. ;-;
Still, I wouldn't mind taking 30 free Topaz... now if I just have the Water Elements...

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