World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : Niu Mo Wang or Umawang

World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : Niu Mo Wang or Umawang

Umawang Seven Knights World Boss

Speed Attack: 200
Damage type: Magic
CC: Bleed, Petrified, remove buff
Identity: wide relationship, lots of brothers

A bodybuilding one, but scared to carry team, so he always call his brothers for help.


The Backline

The one that reduce damage and def

Rachel is really good hero for World Boss, she can reduce the damage and def of the boss, maximize the damage deal. I suggest you should build 1 for both C.R and World Boss.

Substitute Heroes:
  • May: reduce the Physic Attack of the Boss and reduce physical damage receive for team, but the damage to boss of your team will be small
  • Ace: maximize damage to boss, but your team will become squishy
Immunity and Remove Debuffs

Spike: Immune to all bad effects 2 turns.
Lucy: Self immune to all bad effects 3 turns, and heal/remove bad effects for team.

The Attack buff
Eileene increase damage for your team.
Substitute Heroes:

Minion cleansers

Karma grants damage increase for team, and be able to clear minions with his skill. Note that don't use Dellons as backliner if you use Karma since duplicate passive.

Substitute Heroes:

 Jave: piercing AoE. Enuf said.

 Teo: piercing AoE. Enuf said.

Rei: long-legged, easy to get :3

Attack Strategy: It's really weird when the Boss has minions from the beginning of the battle, and Xiao's skill couldn't make the Bellowing Rage to cooldown, so I suggest to have 2 AoE piercing hero for this boss. OR you can try killing one minion to make him call again, and then 

So, my suggest for NMW team is: Shane - Jave - Rachel - Karma - Eileene

Note: I'm Just Share 


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