World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : Storm Wing

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World Boss Guide For Global/Asia : Storm Wing

Storm Wing World Boss Seven Knights
Speed Attack: 400
Damage type: Magic
CC: Silence, Petrified, remove buff
Identity: he has an engine behind!

Storm Wing has very high Speed attack, so if your team can afford 400 speed total, you can check this team:
TEAM YOLO - Maximize your damage without any supports.

Warning: this team is just suitable if you have Xiao and good item equipped.

This team is built around Xiao, she will lock down all skills of the Boss so your team can deal damage without worrying about bad effects. 
Your team must have total speed 400 at least to use Xiao's skill first. In this team Dellons is preferable as backliner since he has top base speed of all.
Attack Strategy: spam Xiao skills first, and then Rachel's Phoenix and Ace.

If the total speed of your team less than 400, you can still try replace Ace with Spike to survive first skill and then spam Xiao skills.


The Backline

The one that reduce damage and def
Rachel is really good hero for World Boss, she can reduce the damage and def of the boss, maximize the damage deal. I suggest you should build 1 for both C.R and World Boss.

Substitute Heroes:

  • May: reduce the Physic Attack of the Boss and reduce physical damage receive for team, but the damage to boss of your team will be small
  • Ace: maximize damage to boss, but your team will become squishy
Immunity and Remove Debuffs

Spike: Immune to all bad effects 2 turns.
Lucy: Self immune to all bad effects 3 turns, and heal/remove bad effects for team.

Substitute Heroes:
 Alice: Okay.. you also need to pray to God for this Alice isn't silenced/petrified. Nice suggest by Trollmarble.

The Magic ends here

Reduce magic damage for your team, increase the sustainability for your team.
Substitute Heroes:
Rudy: increase def for team

The Skill Delayer

Using Xiao will make the boss hardly use his skill, increase the sustainability of your team. I personally think Xiao is really a good one for all World Bosses.

Substitute Heroes: 
If you don't have Xiao, you can use Ace to maximize the damage to boss.

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