Detail Seven Knights Korean Update 11 Nov 2016 : Rin's Revamp Skill

The weather really became chilly a lot of time ~ bravo To melt and dissolve your heart
I've been looking for an advance notice of the contents of the update ~!

This time, using remarks from developers, remake of Lin which we informed beforehand!
A lot of warriors waited for the equipment Free equipment was released and 13 new territories appeared ~!

Here you can add up to the dedicated equipment Jerry / option change system. + Oi +
For details, refer to the memo of the developer who was informed in advance!

Lin Remake

- Existing ability is slightly raised.

Note: Skill Description Rin's Same Previous Revamp

Added one special equipment (Rin)

- Dedicated equipment can be equipped when the hero is level 36 or higher. (When level 36 is achieved, slots for exclusive equipment wear are opened.)
- Dedicated equipment can be obtained from [Adventure Entry] → [Special Dungeon] → [Typhoon Wing].

Lean Remake Costume Resale

- Period: November 11 (Fri) After update ~ November 17 (Thursday) until 04:00
- Description: During the event, Lin Costume will be resold.

Add Free System to Deactivate Equipment

- You can free up your wearing equipment 10 times a month.

- You can check the remaining number of device cancellations in the village's property holding list.
- The number of free times of device release is initialized on the first day of every month at 00:00, and the remaining number of times is not inherited.

Note: While connected, you can subtract from the newly granted number even if it seems that the previous month's free number of times remains as it is next month.
The exact number of free times can be confirmed as connection after 0 o'clock on the 1st of every month.

 - If you have a free number of freezes, you can turn off your device by touching the free device release button.

 - If you have exhausted the number of free releases, the same pop-up will be output as before.

 1. Roughing
   - Special equipment is +5 strengthened, you can use gold and materials to train special equipment.
   - You can increase the stats of existing equipment slightly by progressing the lap.
 2. Changing options
   - You can change the option at any time by using the material regardless of the enhancement value or the lag value of the dedicated equipment.
   - When the option change is made, both the reinforcement value and the latency value are initialized
     Random changes within the scope of the general options except for the existing options. (Special options are not initialized.) (Correction)
   ■ General options Change scope (additional)
    - ATK & ATK: 30 ~ 69
    - Defensive power: 16 ~ 37
    - Maximum health: 90 ~ 199

     For example,

 Land / world map reorganization

 - Manor and world map images will be renewed with new look.
- Icons are added to move directly to each land. (no. 1)
- Touch the world map icon (# 2) to see all continents at a glance.

 - If you touch a specific land in world map, you can go directly to that land.
- World map adventure mode (camera view) is added.

 - If you uncheck the top menu → Settings → World Map adventure mode, the adventure mode (camera view) will be canceled.

 Add new land (13-1 ~ 13-10)
- 13 Gentiles are added to the heavenly stairs.

- 13 Manatee can enter when completing Easy difficulty 12-10.
- Easy difficulty has 3 keys and 5 difficulty levels.
- 13 You can acquire a variety of ore depending on the probability of clearing the land.
   * Acquired Ore: Rusting Stone, Crystal of Light, Shadow Ore, Starlight Ore, Moonlight Ore, Asd Ore, Golden Ore
- 13 Heroic experience can not be obtained in the Manor.
- 13 Manor Perfect Clear achievements will be added.

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