Event Seven Knights Marble Dice Roll 1000 Days

Event Dice Roll 1000 Days

Click Icon !!

Step 1: Complete/spam following tasks:
- Adventure 5 times
- Do Special Dungeon
- Do Celestial Tower
- Do Dragon Raid
- Arena
Upon completing one of the tasks above, you will earn 1 turn to roll the dice in 2nd picture. You can earn up to 10 turns per day. I suggested to spam Celestial Tower 10 times for time efficient.

Step 2: Click on the yellow button then the dice to start rolling. You earn whatever reward the Evan icon ends up on.
- 5 keys
- Random 3* Hero
- 10k gold
- Yellow cake
- +3 spots forward
- Random 6* equipment
- +3 spots forward
- 10 rubies
- 20k gold
- 10 keys
- Random 4* Element
- Equipment upgrade crystal
- Pink cake
Once you complete a circle which is back to the START point, you will earn yourself 400 points. You can continue rolling the dice until you use up 10 turns limit. On the next day, you will continue where you left off. Please note that you can earn 1200 points max per day.
Don't Forget Collect and Exchange Your Points Guys !!

Step 3: Accumulate the points you earn from step 2 and exchange them for following rewards:
- 4* Sena/Lord selector
- 6* Dragon armor selector
- Random 4* Sena pet
- 6* accessories selector (i don't think revival ring is in there but would be great if someone could confirm this)
Each reward requires 1000 points and points will be deducted upon exchange. Therefore, you will need 4000 points to collect all the final rewards. Each final reward can only be exchanged once.
Comment if you would like to fix or add more info and I will fix asap.

Note Event Seven Knights Dice Roll
  • This event is only recognized if you have met the terms in the timeframe
  • All reward will be paid to the mailbox if u by touch the button for direct exchange / exchange and will be kept in the mailbox for 3 days. ( The option is available on the 7th day of the dice up 100% per day.
  • The initialization point can be confirmed up to 1200 points in 7 days, so it is possible to accumulate up tp 4000 points in periode. You can not replace the same reward with the same reward for bonus conpensated testicles. 

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