Seven Knights Korean Update 16 February 2017

As the monster gets stronger, Alliance summoned Guild Alliance!
This update came with a second Guild Alliance that many of you have been waiting for ~

[Story] Guild Alliance call request

Was mentioned in the previous developer notes ?!
This is the new Guild Allied hero who joined this ~ ~ ~ Blue Gashisina!

The first joined guild coalition Ha Young also
I have received a lot of love with his great work in Gelidus Reid.

I am already looking forward to what kind of action Spinner will join for the second time ~
For more information,

■ Added a new Hero (Guild Allied)

■ Start of the guild tournament

- Decide a group with 64 guild units and a tournament will be held.
- Organize A, B, C, D pairs randomly, with 4 guilds in the group, 4 from the top.

- The tournament schedule is done as follows.

- Tournament final compensation (degree of contribution) will be paid as follows.

* Groups that do not have 64 guilds out of the last group are not playing tournaments.
* Compensation for the guild warfare season may change depending on the result of the general season + tournament for 1 to 4 weeks.
In the case of

■ [Combined] Add a combination list of systems (equipment of the revolution)

- Selection of equipment of the revolutionary unit that can acquire only "revolutionary equipment" in the combination system will be added.
In the case of

■ Other Improvements

- Suggested heroes will be changed.
In the case of

■ Guild War Banned Heroes

- None
In the case of
The last step of the guild war season! Guild Tournament!
I can receive just good compensation for your support ~

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