Seven Knights Korean 3rd Anniversary - Part 2

Sena 3rd Anniversary - Part 2

Period: 16th March - Last Update of March
Access: via the number 3 icon in the middle of your home screen
Details: Complete all missions below and receive rewards. Read the notes at the end of this post for extra info.

1. Adventure 33 times - Pina
2. Fight in Guild Dungeon 5 times - 5* Fire element
3. Beat special dungeons 5 times - 5* Water element
4. Siege/Castle Rush 5 times - 5* Dark Element
5. Do Daily Dungeon 5 times - 5* Earth Element
6. Participate in arena 5 times - 5* Light Element
7. Perform Element Fusion - 300k gold
8. Unlock a character's potential once - 300 soul essence
9. Complete all missions above (1 to 8) - Rainbow element

1. Special dungeon can be accessed via the dragon icon in the home menu then the 4th banner

2. To complete Mission 7, follow the instructions in picture 1 and 2, all elements must be 5*. 50k gold is required for each fusion.

3. To complete Mission 8, follow the instructions in picture 3, 4 and 5. A hero must be level 50 to unlock potential. 300k gold is required to unlock 1 slot of potential. See the last picture for the list of available potential that can be unlocked at this stage.

potential guide

Credits to Ignacio Hernández Loewenstein for the potential guide

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  1. can you help me to complete evan&rudy mission ?? i cant understand that mission in the down of daily mission icon , thanks

  2. can you help me on roulette 333 event, i already have 1,000 tickets but I couldn't get the senna ticket.


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