Seven Knights Korean Support Skills Translation

Target 2 Enemies and gives them 1HP

Remove Buff
Minus 3 turns to both Allies and Enemies

Revive a hero with 100% HP

Reflection ( 1 Ally Only )
For 2 turns received 99% less damage and decreased damage reflected by enemy

Ice Arrows
Target enemy's highest armor with 4000 Fixed 
Damage 2x chance to freeze 2 turns

Recovery Shield
Heals 1 ally's HP for 10.000 
additionally gives 3000 HP shield (4turns)

Time Controller
Increase All Enemies cooldown for 25 secs 
Decrease All Enemies Awakening Gauge to 0

Remove all allies CC
Additionally gives 2 times imunity to all dmg

Meteor Crush
AOE 10% max HP
low chance to burn for 2 turns

CC Reflector
All allies reflect any CC for 2 turns

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