Seven Knights Korean Update 26 April 2017

Today MA
-------Rudy Server & Kris Server-------
¦ Schedule : April 27 (Thursday) 02:00 ~ 10:00KST (8h)
¦ Contents :
**Improvements & Others :
1. Add Awakened Special Hero "Ace"
2. Ace's Costume Resale
3. Equipment sell System
*added *2 ~ *5 eq & gold ore category
4. Hero Costume Level Improvement
*you can upgrade any costume to LV4
*if you have legend costume Lv4 on a hero like rudy but you wanna wear something else. it'll use the stat of your legend costume anyway.
but if that hero no have legend one, you have to manually do it with a lv 3 costume and pay rubies/topazes to upgrade lv4.
5. Added feature "collect all" on Ruby tab in mailbox
6. GVG Banned List :
Melcure, Eileene, Ryan, Bidam, Chancellor, Rudy
- End events
- Hero Acquisition event
- Pet Acquisition event
- Awakening Eq Discounted & Gold Dungeon x2 Reward
- Element Evolution Package
- Raid & Jewel Accesory Events
- Compensation payments events
- Hero Acquisition event
- Pet acquired event
- Raid & Jewel Accesory Events
Suppakorn D. Kitchamnong.

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