Awakened Rudy Skill Translate Seven Knights Korean


Awaken Rudy

• Increase all allies defense by 70%
• Grants Reflect immunity to all allies
• Mitigate damage receive by 50% (same as Platton)

Skill1 (80secs)
• Targets 1 enemy w/ 200% physical damage 4 hits. (800% total)
• Penetrates/pierces
• Chance to deal 4000 Fixed Damage.

Skill2 (110secs)
• Turns into a counterattack mode for 6 turns and he heals himself by 100% of atk power.
• Increases allies block chance by 60% for 6 turns

Awaken Skill
• 2,000 penetrating fixed damage twice to all enemies. (4000 total)
• Reduces target's awaken gauges by 100%
• Increases skill cooldown by 20 seconds.

Dedicated Item
• Blocked damage reduce 10%
• Critical chance 20%
• *Passive* 6 Turns of Life Control

Counterattack Mode
• Guaranteed to do a counterattack while in this mode when hit regardless of teammates w/ high counterattack chance.
• Mitigates damage received by 20%. (Stacks w/ his passive)
• Every-counterattack hits 2times. (like twins & klahan)
• Every-counterattack reduces 1turn to buffs.

Life Control
• Immune to "reduce to 1hp" skills
• Bonus damage from "% HP" skills is also nullified. (Alicia's 2nd skill for example)

Teaser vid:

Translation (c) to Suppakorn D. Kitchamnong Jordan Brice Vanbesien

Miki Tando Ign Wayvalry Ren Bradley Advincula Min Woo Choi Danny Vo Ruslan Durahman

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