Blue Lotus Location and Cooking Pot Recipes Utopia: Origin

[Utopia: Origin] Blue Lotus

1. Collect Blue Lotus in the river or field, and you can get red lotus seeds with probability
2. The blue lotus seeds are planted on "hydroponic". After 24 hours, the plants can be harvested to produce red lotus. There is a possibility that the red lotus seeds will be dropped.

Location About Blue Lotus


Blue Lotus x5 = Feed - Blue Lotus

Cooking Pot Recipe

Blue lotus + red lotus + white lotus = Beautiful Skin Color Lotus Soup (+40 food, +40 moisture)
Blue lotus + kelp + raw lamb chops = Lotus Seed Sheep Soup (+60 Food)
Feed - Blue Lotus + abalone + Feed - Wheat = Black Horse Feed ( Guaranteed 45 Bags )
Feed - Blue Lotus + rare meat + clown fish = Grey Mackerel Shark Feed ( Guaranteed 60 bags)

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